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help for out west ski/mantra /line 100 or?

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The powderkid (5'8",210lbs,excellent skier)is looking for new skis for out west(utah,tahoe,etc) . I use Atomic M-EX's(174cm) which is good on the western grommers but lacking in serious powder. I live in the east and have Volkl allastars/and the racetiger SL's so I am set for here. This ski I am looking for is just a west coast ski. The Mantra seemed pretty interesting till I got into The Line prohopet 100's(179cm) which sounds like a great candidate, good sidecut and a real nice 100cm waist and they have great reviews.Since I can't demo anything that wide I was hoping to get some feedback on these or other excellent choices from the bears out there ,suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Good question as often times these powder ski comparisons ask about skis that differ in detail but are really very similar. These two are pretty different skis.

The Mantra is stiffer, heavier, and has a little more shape. This translates into a pretty wide ski that works well (for what it is) or the frontside but only medium on the backside when it comes to deep stuff. The Mantra is more of a slasher than a floater when it comes to soft/deep snow.

Thr P-100 is softer and lighter with a bit less shape. It is a better backside ski than the Mantra when it comes to deep snow and it has a more playful (easier) feel. The P is more the floater than slasher type of ski. The P-100 is not quite as good on the frontside.

In conditions where the sidecut is operative, the Mantra feels a little more nimble. In conditions where the flex is operative, the P feels more nimble.

Power vs. Playful.....your choice.

BTW.....I chose to speak only to the two you asked about, but there are a lot of very good skis in this width range.

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Sierra , Thanks for your input ,when I'm thinking powder I am thinking fun fun fun ,In your opinion once it starts to go from cut up pow to crud which of those skis would be better . I was speaking to one of the guys from AL's ski barn and he went from the Mantra to the P-100 and he said he uses it all the time in the east and the sidecut works real well and that ski is a lot of fun.
I am not set on anything for sure so any suggestion you have would be great I know from this site you are very familiar with the skis out there and have a better oppurtunity to try them out. I'll be in Utah on Dec 11 and would like to bring something other than the atomic M-EX . I will be trying to get some $ savings by getting a 06/07 version if possible and sell the M-EX at a swap.
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powderkid, take a look at the Gotama and Atomic Sugar Daddy as meeting your criteria better than Mantra. I don't have any experience with the Line, so can't say. I would say, power vs play as described by Jim is a fair distinction.
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Thanks Cirquerider I spoke with Tyler at Sierra's shop and they said the Gotama would be a good choice and also mentioned the Sugar Daddy .This certainly helps, found a good price for a Line 100 -06/07 making it harder to spend the bigger bucks .The new 07/08 gotama is stiffer which helps on the hardpack got to check this out a little further
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I picked up a new pair of Prophet 100's this year and they seem awseome. They are more of a off trail ski then the mantra and will float quite a bit better. Besides that they are still turny enough to be decent on the frontside.

For your weight though I would go with the 186 if at all possible.
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FYI, if you really like skiing high speeds in pow, I'd cross the Mantra off your list. At speeds where my Legend Pros are just waking up my Mantras (184s) start to fold (tips start flapping). FYI - I weigh 15 lbs less than you.
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Liberty and Moment

Liberty and Moment have some skis I'd like to try in NewEngland. ...My guess is that both Hazmat(@94mm..Liberty) and Tahoe(@94mm...Moment) would be a blast on NewEngland dump days...

...not to mentioned their others for out West..
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I have skied the Prophet in the 80 and 90. The 80 v. the 100 is more different than the 90 v. the 100 (besides the width, the 80 is stiffer than either the 90 or 100). I actually do not believe that they made the 80 this year, which is a shame, b/c it is a great ski.

At any rate, speaking only from experience on the 90, I definitely think the Prophet 100 would be a great ski for what you are looking for. I have nothing but good things to say about both the 80 and the 90.

Also, what others have said about size is good advice. I am 5'7" / 150 lbs and I have the 80 in a 179. You would definitely want to go up from that, I would think.
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Thanks for eveyone input ! now I'm thinking about the gotama or the line 100
I can get last years line 100 in a 179cm for $429.00 (no binding)and there are no leftovers for the gotama's and thats ok cause there supposedly stiffer the price on those are $699.00(no binding) any suggestions or reccommendation on the skis and the gotama size I might go with. I would stay with the 179cm lenght for the Line phropet 100
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Let me spell it out for you: L-I-N-E.
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I ski the 184 Mantra for my front side specific and boot-top and below powder ski. I have skied the Prophet 100 several times in the 179 and really enjoyed it on soft snow, but I would only purchase it in the 186 length.

I am 6'2/215 and really liked the side-cut on the Prophet and didn't have any problems pushing them into shorter radius turns. I have a fatter ski for deeper powder and I like how the Mantra works for me on older snow.

With all that said, I would get the Prophet for what your describing the intended use is. The Mantra is not a powder specific ski and won't give you the confidence to rip in the deeper snow because of the desire to drive the tips and the resulting tip dive.

No doubt the Gotama should be on your list as well.
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I bought the M:EX in a 185 for the same purpose you stated -- and they failed miserably as a deeper snow/off-piste board. They are a great fast/heavy groomer, and decent in crub, but they aren't a floater.

I'm 6', 185, and LOVE THE HELL out of my Rossi Scratch BC's. I got 178's, but could have easily gotten along with 184's. I don't get that many chances to get in the deep stuff though, so a "deep only" ski was nothing I needed. I wanted something really "turny" so I went shorter. They ski shorter than the 178 too - TT's tend to be that way. But they are a TON of fun.

If you want to find a good deal, buy some of the 05-06 or 06-07 models.
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