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Binding Course

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Anyone know of tech courses for binding instalation and testing. How do the shop techs learn. Just have an interest and would like to know more.
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The certification is meaningless if you aren't in an indemnified shop, but here is a link to try:

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There are early season seminars that some shops send techs to, most learn on the job. Mounting a pair of bindings is easy, knowing that you need to move the jig forward 1.5cm after drilling the toe screw holes on a Look TT with seperate lifter plates before you drill the heels...well, that takes experience. Experienced you don't get in a 3hr seminar.

What I'm saying is: "sticking a single pair of bindings onto a single pair of skis is easy. Knowing how to mount dozens of different binding models from a 10 year span takes a lot of experience...and a little trial and error."
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LOL, very true.

I learned on the job that ski poles make great blowguns.
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Yep, unless you're planning on becoming a tech, don't waste your time. Not that it's a waste of time, but if you're mounting a couple pair of bindings each year, you'll forget far too many things, and it could be a critical detail. I still do my own, but there are a couple things to consider - 1.) access to the correct jigs, 2.) correct testing tools (do you REALLY trust yourself??), 3.) technological learning curve - bindings change design/function faster than ever now. It's tough to keep up. The basic idea stays the same, but EVERYTHING else changes.

Good luck.
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