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Help with powder/crud ski for daughter

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I'm looking for a powder/crud ski for our 11YO daughter (5' tall, 90 pounds). This is her 8th year skiing and it will be her 4th year racing. She's pretty aggressive, skis everything at our home area (Mt. Bachelor, Oregon) and wants something softer/lighter than her GS race skis for hiking to the powder stashes/skiing the backside of the mountain.

I've researched recommendations here and on other sites and have come up with some possibilities. I now have some questions that I hope you can help with!

Top of mind right now are the Dynastar Troubled Youth, K2 Apache Jr (05/06 or 06/07, not 08), Rossignol Scratch Pro Jr. In women's skis it would probably be the Rossignol Scratch Girl BC or an older K2 Phat Luv (that's what her mom skis and she calls them magic).

My questions are:

- Will the women's skis be too much stiffer for an 11 YO to work? And, is the construction enough better to pay the extra they cost over the above-mentioned junior skis?
- Of the mentioned skis, are any significantly softer or lighter (i.e. better for deep snow)?
- For the twin tips in the bunch, should I plan on stepping up a size to make up for the twin tip? (Example: she's on a 150 GS ski and I'm thinking she will probably be better on a 158 twin tip instead of a 148)

Right now I'm leaning toward the junior skis because they're pretty well liked here and there are some good deals to be had on older gear. I'm hesitant to go to the ladies gear due to how quickly she will outgrow it but I'm open to the idea if the skis are that much better.

Thanks for your help!
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FWIW (and I've been known to choose the wrong gear...), my son skied the scratch pro last year and liked it (there is also a BC version, wider).
He also used a Scott Aztec in 155 (soft woman skis) and loved it.
He was roughly the size and weight of your daugther, probably around 90lbs and 5'3'' and 10 years old.
I would say both ski flexes about the same.

Here' a shot of the aztecs on his feet. He bends them easily.
I would say ... demo ...
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My son skis the Apache Jr from last year, and loves it. Actually, it might be from 2 years ago, because we got them on sale a year ago.

Last ski season, he was 12, about 5'6"/110 lb, and a strong skier. He was fine on them. We are in Colorado, though, so our crud might be different from yours.
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I don't think I have ever seen a pair of Jr. demo's in a shop. But I do put demo bindings on my kids skis. I get tired of remounting all the time. Plus I tried to hand them down, until the youngest turned to the dark side.

I think any of those would work. Plus I would add PE's, 1080's or even some older Pocket Rockets.
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Look into a pair of Salomon Scarlets in a shorter length. They would do well at Mt. Bachelor. They don't have too much sidecut so you can bomb the groomers on them but they turn very easily in deep powder and crud making them ideal for the trees there.
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I went 7cm longer for my son's twin tips and that worked well.

I would suggest a ski with a waist between 70mm and 80mm. Bachelor's powder can be on the heavier side so a ski that is too soft will get tossed around once the snow is all cut up.

Some of the twin tips are designed specifically for the park so you need to consider that design and how it will influence your daughters skiing. For example, Rossi has the Rocking Chair Effect build into the Scratch line.
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I bought some Rossi Scratch BCs for my daughter for this comming season (same size as your daughter). She hasn't seen them yet since she will be getting them for Christmas. I had the same question on sizing as you did and decided to go with her normal size (150) since I was afraid they might be a liitle stiffer being a womens ski and not a Jr. When I hand flex the BCs they seem to be slightly stiffer then my daughters other skis (Volkl Supersport Jr). We looked at the ones you had mentioned but wanted to go with something a little wider. We ski a lot of backside powder and in the past she has had a difficult time not sinking to her waist.
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A often overlooked category of skis for light lady alpine skiers are telemark and AT skis. Almost all major companies make telemark versions of some of their top alpine models that are virtually identical except for the absence of a layer, so they are slightly softer flexing and lighter, which sounds like exactly what you are looking for.

I ski alpine, telemark and AT and can tell you that the names don't mean much, a good ski is a good ski. I know several women (my 115 lb. wife included) who have "telemark" skis mounted alpine and love them. Telemark skis are generally designed for crud and powder, and to be light.

If you find an alpine ski you think might work for your daughter chances are there is a telemark version with the indentical demensions. Another benefit, even though the construction is identical the market is different, so "telemark" skis tend to be considerably cheaper.
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Thanks for your responses! I generally agree with the "demo, demo" mantra but it's really hard to find demos of top-end junior skis. So, I've come to rely on Epic (and my local ski shops) for questions like this.

My feeling at this point is that any of these skis in a 70-80 will be fine for a play ski. I'm leaning towards the 80mm skis since she doesn't need these as groomer skis.

The point about the rocking chair effect of the Scratch line is interesting. I'm not worried about it affecting her technique but she might find it a bit different. Some folks I've talked to here are pointing me towards the Scratch Girl FS to get her into an adult construction and then keeping the size smaller (148) to compensate for the additional stiffness. That's kind of appealing if the construction makes it a better ski.

Any thoughts on women's vs. junior skis?
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My 13 year old daughter is 5'2" and skis on K2 Apache Jrs. She does great in crud & powder. One great advantage of using the Jr skis is they are a lot less expensive!
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Why not try something like the Volkl Kaya?
I'm not terribly brilliant about the powder skis but crud........I Know!

Recently I Picked up a kaya for a girl at our school, and thought it may be just the thing for a young girl on the verge of maturing.
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Thanks again for all of the responses. It sounds like any of these will work so we'll keep an eye out on the swaps this Fall.

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