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What's the best pass strategy for Colorado?

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I recently moved back to Denver and plan trying to ski as much as possible this year. In the past I just bought my pass to WP. This year I'm wanting to expand my horizons some. So I was wondering what others have done in a dilemma like this.

So far I'm thinking WP/Copper pass + SKe Card.... any suggestions?

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We do the Vail 5 Mt. Pass, with 4 packs for Loveland, WP & Copper. Get the Gems card at the ski expo in Nov. Spend about $850 per family member on lift tickets, passes per season.
See Ya on the Mt.
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I would also consider the Aspen Classic pass. Between Aspen Mtn., Highlands and Snowmass it has the best/most expert terrain in the state with practically no lift lines.

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Wow that Aspen pass is awesome. I never knew about that one. I may have to pick that one up too.
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FOur packs are quite nice way to ski a lot of MT's. The Colorado card can't be beat for price - all you can ski at Keystone, Breck, A-basin and ten days at Vail or Beaver Creek. The four packs are available for:

1) Aspen classic pass for 4 day at $159 or seven days at ?$229?
2) Copper four pack at $119 (photo)
3) WP/MJ four pack at $129(photo)
4) Copper/WP/MJ transfour card can be used by more then just one person (no photo) fro $179 - but only one per day per transfour card
5) Keystone/A-basin four pack for $119 (photo)
6 Crested Five pack plus two days at Monarch for $159
7) Loveland four pack at ?$99? - actually four tix that can be used by one or more people - can use all four in one day by four people (or used to be able to)
8) Eldroa four pack will prob be sold after OCt 14th for around $99

did I miss any?

SKE card and steamBoat card give mild discounts.
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I've done the RMSP in the past, but the best buy this year is the Colorado Pass from Vail resorts. Unlimited skiing at A-basin, Keystone and Breckeridge and 10 non-peak days at Vail or BC for only $ 439 if you buy before Sunday (10-14). It's usually available after that, but prices go up.

Get your butt down to REI this weekend...
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So I getting the feeling the SKe Card is a waste? The Colorado Pass seems to be the hot item. I wonder how crowded they may end up.
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ske card only for the same resorts as the Colorado card. SO little or no benefit for pass holder. May give discount tix for others skiers with you. The SKE card was free when I got it and I just renew online now for free.
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Personally I get the CO Pass and then a Loveland Pass (lots of people get 4-packs here). Early season and late season I ski Loveland all the time, and then I probably use my CO Pass around 20-25 days/yr. On the days I KNOW the big resorts will be busy, I go to Loveland and there's not a line to be found.
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I think we have a winner

Have to say that Harry has an excellent plan. Loveland is hard to beat when things get crowded. Plus you can always find deals with grocery stores and gas stations if you want to do Copper or WP for a day.

Colorado pass and Loveland, hmmm. Yeah, yeah, that's the ticket...
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A little bummed out

Seeing that I have lots of friends in WP and know the place. I just pulled the trigger on the 4pack for A-basin, Keystone and the RMSP. I used to purchase my passes online in the years past. Now you have to be there in person. So now my brother and wife can't purchase their passes since they live in Charleston, SC which sucks cuz I know that he wanted to come out now probably won't. It just costs too much otherwise.

He may try to come out the 2nd weekend of Nov. but what will a season pass cost then? Is there a better way I may not be aware of for him?

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how many days will they ski? Tansfour cards can be purchased w/o photo for Copper/WP at $179 four four days of skiing, still beats regular lift prices.
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That's a good deal heck that works better than a pass buy 2 for less then a pass and get 8 days total. Which is perfect for people visiting...

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I just checked the Colorado Pass site. The passes are only available THRU NOV 11, and new passes must be made in person. Hope I can make it the 1200 miles to get one before they shut them off.
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If you're really short (really) you could pretend you're in 5th grade 5th graders in colorado get 3 free days skiing at every mtn in CO (except wolf creek - bastages)


- seriously, speaking as a parent of two skiing kids, this is a great thing. Another nice perk is in Grand County the kids only have a 4 day school week and can ski free on Friday at WP/MJ or Sol Vista.

As an adult who lives in Grand County, I go with the WP/MJ/Copper pass. I might pick up a 4 pack for summit.
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Originally Posted by jagage View Post
I just checked the Colorado Pass site. The passes are only available THRU NOV 11, and new passes must be made in person. Hope I can make it the 1200 miles to get one before they shut them off.
Jagage- I don't know how much you're skiing this season, but check out the A-Basin bonus pass (on their website). Its unlimited A-Basin skiing, and then it includes 5 days at Breck or Keystone, with one of those days good at Vail or BC. Its a great deal for around $300.
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Aspen Classic + Colorado Pass

Consider getting an Aspen Classic Four Pass (159$) on top of a Colorado Pass.

(what I have, plus an extra 10 Vail/BC days @ 40$ each)

Ajax is killer on a pow day, and Highlands Bowl is amazing..


on sale on the front range right now for first time buyers.
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The following information was copied from http://www.cs.colostate.edu/~wlloyd/survey/

2007-08 Season Pass Rates

For 2007-2008 Season passes and four packs prices are up about $30-100.

I know some of these are out of date. Please email me with corrections

Loveland Ski Area: $319 new, $287 renewal, (up $30 from last year).
A-Basin Bonus Pass (w/ 5 days at keys,breck,vail): $309, (up $30 from last year)
A-basin only pass: $259 (up $30 from last year)
Eldora $329 new, $319 renewal, $99 college, (2006-2007 rates)
Steamboat Student 6-pack price unknown ???
Vail Resorts Buddy (Summit) Pass: $399 (up $30 from last year)
Vail Resorts Colorado Pass: $439 (up $30 from last year)
Vail Resorts Colorado Pass Plus: $539 (new product)
Rocky Mountain Super Pass - Copper and Winter Park Pass: $399 (up $70 from last year)
Rocky Mountain Super Pass Plus - Copper, Winter Park, plus 6 days at Steamboat: $499 (new product)
Winter Park $369 (up $80 from last year) Copper Mountain $359 (up $100 from last year)
Copper 4-packs $119 (up $30 from last year)
Winter Park 4-packs $129 (up $30 from last year)
Keystone, ABasin 4-packs $129 (up $30 from last year)
Loveland 4-packs $109 (or $99 at shows) up $10 from last year
ABasin 4-packs $99? (up $10???)
Wells Fargo 2-for-1 deal: if you open a Wells Fargo account with a few account features you will get a coupon good for buy one, get one free Copper, Winter Park, or Rocky Mountain Super Pass ski passes. This deal is restricted to people presenting a student ID at the time you open the bank account. I'm unable to find additional details online about this offer.
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WP Kudos

Apparently there were gremlins in the system on the last day to purchase passes. I called the 800# and I was taken care of. Couple of days after they followed up to see if everything had been worked out. Couple of e-mails too.

Wow!!! Things are changing for the better up there. So far Intrawest is not the evil meanie many would like me to believe. I can't wait to see all the changes for this season.

Peace out!
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Originally Posted by Harry Dunn View Post
Personally I get the CO Pass and then a Loveland Pass.
Same thing for me here. Colorado Pass purchased in the spring for $409 if I remember correctly and the military rate (Reservist here) Loveland Pass for $99!

Let's see, that's basically $500 for unlimited skiing at 4 great mountains and then 10 days at Vail and BC... oh yeah, in April I get unlimited days at Vail since we bought the pass early on. So yeah, I'd say that's a decent pass strategy for me.
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Absolutely. Early season days at Loveland are the best... while all my friends are b*tching about lines at A-Basin and Keystone, I'm spinning laps at Loveland with 100 of my closest friends.
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One more option

I was about to settle for the A-Basin bonus pass when I came across this:

Adult Ski 3 PassValid for unlimited access to Breckenridge, Keystone and Arapahoe Basin. Must purchase by 12/21/07.$419

It's $110 more than the A-Basin pass, but has unlimited skiing at all three. Now I don't feel as bad about missing the Colorado Pass deal.
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I am on the Harry Plan

Colorado Pass - never ski Keystone, only ski Breck when flatlanders are in town, maybe I need to make a change?

Loveland Pass - Every year this place gets more attractive to me.

This year I tossed an Aspen 7 pack on top, just to shake it up a bit.
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