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Breckenridge Mountain Lodge?????

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We are planning a ski trip to Colorado over Christmas and are planning to spend part of the week at either Breck or WP and the rest at Monarch so I can take my girls to where I learned to ski. I saw that the Breckenridge Mountain Lodge has some pretty cheap rooms and the pictures looked nice on the web site, but don't they always, and was wondering if anyone had any experience with that property?
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havent stayed there, but know the area. youre going to be right off main street, so it's going to have more of a motel than hotel feeling in my opinion. ridge street is typical of main street breckenridge, but not off a mountain lodge feel in my opinion; but it's not like youre staying at some motel off the interstate either, but places on columbine road or near peak 8 would have more of a "mountain" lodge feeling.

the good news is youre right off main street and a walk to peak 9 every day.

just some pros and cons.
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I stayed there several years ago. Skicougar's speculation is pretty close. The place is nothing special. If I remember, it was a pretty standard two queen beds in a pretty small to medium sized room. About the only thing that said "mountain" about it was the carved wood bed posts. There was a breakfast in the mornings. It was a fine place to stay. It was clean. But not what I'd call a "mountain lodge."

It is in a pretty convenient spot. The walk to peak 9 is not too far. Maybe 10 minutes or so in boots to the lifts. (It is uphill both ways as I remember!) It is far enough that there is/was a shuttle stop there if you get lazy, but I never actually waited for it. You are real close to Main Street, so there is a lot of restaurants and bars within walking distance. There was a pretty good bar and grill across the street. There is a grocery store about a block away as well.

Overall, as long as you room needs are modest and realistic, it will do. I was not disappointed (at least not with the room, but that is a story for another subject). It is a pretty convenient location even if the walk to the lifts is borderline for me. I recall getting a really great deal as well. And take everything with the grain of salt that 6 years or so does to the memory and to the location.
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Thanks for the feedback. That is pretty much what I expected. For $135 a night at Christmas, you can't expect the Ritz. For the price and convenience, I think it will work.
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I stayed there many years ago and, unless things have changed, the ceilings of the first level are so poorly insulated that the upstairs units get very hot. And you can't get any air flow because the windows all face the same direction. It's very noisy too. If I were staying there, I'd make sure to get a unit on the ground floor on the very end of the building. And then hope those above were somewhat quiet.
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I stayed there a few years ago, the room (advertised as a queen) had a double bed with barely a foot of room either side, no cupboard to speak of, no storage space, the bathroom was tiny, with quite a bit of mould.

The room was at the back, it was fairly quiet, the free breakfast was adequate.

However, it was very cheap, has ample on site parking, a great location within easy walk to everything, AND right next door to the brewery, that is a big plus.

I wouldn't say don't stay there, just be warned, it is very, very basic.
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