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Equipment Suggestions

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I've been out for a few years, due to some injuries (missed last two seasons). I'm a 5'10" male, 130lbs, pretty much strictly racing. I have a pair of Atomic SL12 Race Stock from last season, and a pair of GS11 Race Stock from two seasons ago (right before they started making GS12's), and a pair of Atomic Race:10 boots from god knows when (last year they made them I think). Anything worth upgrading? The SL12's haven't even been used yet so I doubt I'd be retiring those, but I'm not sure how much the boots and GS skies have changed over the past few years. I have a good place for skies, but no place for boots (around Boston, MA). Any suggestions for a place to go if a new pair of boots is in order? Thanks.
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For boots

Try Strand's in Worchester
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If they work for you, stay with them. Maybe look at adding something that will complement them, like a fatter all mountain ski.
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