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Light Hydration Packs

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I'm looking at getting a light pack for this winter, I would like it to have a hydration system, be able to strap my ski's onto it for short hikes, room for skins and a shovel and a couple other things that would be considered small.

right now im looking at the dakine heli pack, and the camel back snoblast.
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BD Covert rocks (w/ Avalung if your intended use warrants that) - pick your volume and size. On the really small/light side, the BCA Stash. If you have fatter skis, make sure your pack of choice can accommodate them. Also, there are lots of threads on this topic at TGR...

BTW - if you plan to use it inbounds a bunch, consider avoiding any pack with lots of external fixtures that might tend to hang up on lift chairs. External shovel handle attachments (or I should say the shovel handles themselves when attached this way) seem to have a tendency to do this. As do large collections of buckle type things. My spouse ditched her Dakine Heli Pro because of a couple of incidents of this sort (it was a few years old, so I don't know about current designs).
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Go Lite

I had a Camelbak Snobound for several seasons, but I thought it was too small for everything I wanted to carry. Generally, I'd take a full bladder of water, an extra pair of socks and a tupperware that held my lunch. After that, there wasn't much space left. I could get a vest stuffed in there, but it was tight...

Now I've got two different size Go Lite packs. They're made by a backpacking company, so they're very light and just about the right size. They've got several ski specific models with some intelligent features.

I don't know if you're near Devner, but they've got a semi annual factory sale around this time of year. I got a 3,000 cu in pack for $60 and a 2,000 cu in pack for $40.

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I just got a brand new BCA Stash off of eBay, waiting for it to come, I hope its everything I need.
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I just ordered an REI Fall Line pack and should be able to pick it up this week from the store. I found it while browsing for the same thing you're wanting. Last years model is at the link below at $39 marked down from $90 originally. We'll see how I like it.

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I have a BCA Stash BC - also off eBay - and find it good. The insulated drinking tube is especially good. However, it's not especially light and the bladder precludes sitting on the sack for lunch.
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I posted a thread like this last year and an overwhelming choice I got was the DaKine Heli Pro packl. There are two sizes you can get (not sure on the exact measurements). I got the smaller size and LOVED it last season. It's big enough that you can put a light sweatshirt in there if you need the extra warmth, some treats, add their hydration pack, etc. I also use it day-to-day for walking around town. But it's small enough that you don't really notice it when you ski and you can sit on the lift without leaning to far forward feeling like you are going to fall off. However, if you do get the hydration pack, be sure to "thermalize it" or get a Camelbak hydration pack with the thermal lining. The line to the Dakine Hydration pack froze on the really cold days.
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