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Favorite Ski Mag

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Pick your favorite ski mag.
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You missed Freeskier, BTW. [img]tongue.gif[/img]

I used to love Powder until it blew up. In a weird twist, I actually know the senior management, now (Primedia was a customer of mine in a previous life). It lost its soul, though. The photos used to be epic. Then, it started to focus on other stuff and lost its edge as it tried to appeal to a broader audience.

Skiing magazine has become much like the superbowl half-time show: glitz, sex, beer, drugs, and rock-and-roll, but not a lot of skiing. :

I prefer articles and photos that make me want to be there or that take me back to my few epic days. For me, that means deep pow, face shots, lonely runs with friends, crazy (but not stupid) crashes, etc. I'm not a park guy, so those photos and stories leave me cold. Cruising is fine, and I love to arc-n-spark. But, don't spend time on the interior decorating, please. :
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You missed Freeze too, but that okay since it's not the best mag out there. Ski magazine should just be renamed to apres ski magazine because all they care about is where to build your billion dollar home and where to eat the most expensive food.
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Also SBC Skier...
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You also missed Ski Canada, and Skier, the latter of which IMHO is the best retail ski magazine out there.. On the other hand you can't beat skipress for their excellent non-biased gear reviews, and great articles.. Plus it's free!
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Ski Presse.
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Interesting a lot of people voted for Ski/Skiing. I've never felt there was too much decent content in there. A lot of articles on the bext luxury car in the snow and who serves the best foie gras, but little on skiing itself.

Powder is my current favorite - it seems more in tune with the soul of skiing. The photos are typically great, and the articles and profiles tend to be more about the mountain and skier than the best apres ski. From time to time they have nice fiction pieces. You do have to be able to get over the youth orientation of some of the magazine however.

The one downfall of all these print publications is that they rely on the advertiser to survive, so they are typically biased in their reviews and write ups. No one wants to bite the hand that feeds them, so you are never going to see them give truly honest opinions. I think in regards to niche sports like skiing web based communities are the best source of information on the sport.
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My current favorite; SKIER. Why do they use such a small font size though? Skiing is OK because they print Kristen Ulmer's articles and she and I are an item (sorry K that just slipped out) , SKI RACING is of course specialized but since their ownership change seems to have gotten more mainstream. Freeskier and Freeze are a hoot, love to read my daughter's issues but they're so directed at personality cults rather than the sport or the mountains. Skier seems to capture that new school excitement without alienating "experienced" skiers.
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I'm somewhat amazed at the positive response that SKI is getting here. In my opinion, it is the worst of all of the mags listed. They make no attempt at all to be impartial about resort ratings or ski equipment. The whole mag is all about selling Lexuses to Colorado visiting vacationers.

Skier on the other hand was blunt in their first gear review. "We get money from the ski manufacturers, so we are not going to pretend to rate skis against each other. Instead, we're just going to tell you what this year's models are." Honesty like that was a breath of fresh air.

Powder, in case you haven't heard will be revamping their mag for 2004-2005. It will be large format, glossy, more expensive and back to focusing on amazing photography - always their best feature.

I quitting reading Skiing a few years back due to the party-rock-n-roll-attitude. At the beginning of the 2002-2003 season, they revamped, and again in 2003-2004 to try to broaden their market. I would now put them back up in the top five - lots of content on ski racing, freeskiing, destinations both routine adn extrordinary.

Ski Press and Ski Racing round out my subscriptions.
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I'm also definitely looking forward to Powder's improvements for next year. Skiing definitely stepped it up this past season and has had better content than they ever had before. And SKI continues to get worse - there are more restaurant, expensive car, expensive apres ski wear, and expensive lodging reviews than skiing content. I don't get it.
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EpicSki is the best Mag out there. The content is great and varied. The information and interaction with the users yields the most up to date experience available. There are too few photos, though. All my other ski mag subs are expiring. I give my sub money to AC.

Edit: Let me be the first to scream FLAWED and therefore invalid!

[ February 03, 2004, 01:26 PM: Message edited by: Springhill Crazie ]
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Springhill Crazie, I agree! More photos on EpicSki! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Originally posted by Powderhoundin:
You also missed Ski Canada, and Skier, the latter of which IMHO is the best retail ski magazine out there.. On the other hand you can't beat skipress for their excellent non-biased gear reviews, and great articles.. Plus it's free!
What he said.
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So, does Skier have a web site?
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Back issues of INSIDE TRACKS. :
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Originally posted by NewHampie:
My current favorite; SKIER...
Not familiar with SKIER. Do they have a website or does someone have a phone number?
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Not really a magazine, but Aspect (http://www.aspectjournal.com/) is pretty cool...
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Powder is fun to read. They seem to be at my intelectual level, adolesent. It's like a men's mag and sometimes skiing seems like a men's sport. They appreciate the women who excell in the sport and cater to serious skiers in general.
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WOW , the poll turned out almost opposite of my preferences. Im sorry I left out a few mags, I have never seen, skier, freeze, freeskier and others. Backcountry and Couloir are my favorites, maybee because I spend many of my days in the BC. Powder and Skiing rank about evenly for me, good to read w/some great picts. Ski which ranked the highest seems to me to be ONE BIG AD, Im not sure where the ads start and stop. And I threw in the Snowboarder just to be diplomatic.

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Originally posted by Llama:
Interesting a lot of people voted for Ski/Skiing. I've never felt there was too much decent content in there.
I agree most of the mag is fluff and full of everything besides actual skiing. But out of the mags listed it's the best because it covers the most diverse material. I miss the article that used to debate over one topic - like what is the better state to ski in? NH or VT.
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Up until a last year Powder was far and away the best mag I had seen. It recently lost its luster. I hope the revamping brings back some of the soul it lost recently. I'm glad to hear they are planning to bring back the large format; the Photo Annual just doesn't have the same feel in the standard magazine size.

I was just about to dump my sub to Skiing when I started seeing some articles by names I was familiar with in Powder like Rob Story. With Powder's drop in quality and Skiing's gains they are not that far apart right now.

At first I was surprised by how well Ski did in this poll. But based on my perception of the demographics on EpicSki, it makes sense. I think Ski is definitely geared toward the 40+ year old market and a broader level of skiing ability.

I've yet to read some of the new magazines like Freeskier. Many of them are more focused on the jib scene which just doesn't hold much interest to me. I've heard great things about Skier but haven't been able to find it.
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The only thing all the skiing magazines are good for are the Gear Guides at the beginning of the season and only because I don't know where to find new product info elsewhere. The rest of the year the only good they are is for Dr's offices or outhouses.

I've learned more from Epic Ski than any other source. I like the idea not re-subscribing and sending my subscription money to AC, so he could put it to better use.
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And perhaps attend an Academy, Bryan? :
Ski you Saturday!
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For those who asked about SKIER, check out www.biglines.com it's a good site and seems to be sponsored at least partly by the magazine. One nice thing about SKIER and biglines is that their non-USA point of view is a reminder that American skiers can sometimes be a bit chauvinist and the Canadian scene is huge (to say nothing about Europe, Finland & Southern Hemi etc)
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my fav. used to be Ski Canada because of its Canadian content, but it can be a bit dorky at times. My new fav. is Skier, it has some hillarious articles, pics, stories, etc, with regular feature columns that have names such as "2-4", "duct tape", "Alpine Dish", and they seem to cater towards a younger crowd with less emphasis on apres ski, luxury SUVs, etc and more on partying, crazy stunts, Canadian cliches, "canadian Gold", etc [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Ugh! Not much of a selection. Sorry.

1. SBC Skier
2. Ski Press / Ski Presse
3. Freeze
4. 2 - Europe's Freeskiing magazine
5. Freeskier
6. Skiing
7. Powder
8. Ski Canada
9. Ski
10. Axis
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Originally posted by MikeF:

I think Ski is definitely geared toward the 40+ year old market
Being 54 that makes me cringe. SKI is so full of crap you can barely find the occasional jewel.
On an unrelated note, I haven't read or posted here in months so HI!
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Welcome back Rossi9irl!
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Sorry, if this doesn't bode well for hard copy mags, but I haven't had a subscription to one or read one from cover to cover in about 1/2 dozen years. I do all my ski (info and entertainment) reading off the web now. It's harder on the eyes though.
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