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Replacement liners - Zipfit and Intuition

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I'm interested in any feed back anyone has on these two liners. Are they worth the upgrade over stock liners? Is there a performance difference between the two? I do know that they are very different concepts. The intuition seems more geared toward comfort and the zipfit toward performance.
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Mom, thanks for the bump!
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Just bought Intuitions in the TGR group buy. They seem very well made, and like a major upgrade, but I haven't skied them yet. I was amazed at how light they are.
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I have used Intuitions for 3 years. I find them very comfortable and warm. Performance is better than most stock liners. Many people do feel that Zipfits give a more precise fit around the ankle and may be higher performance as a result, but few people complain about Intuition in terms of performance. I believe they are warmer than Zipfits, but may not last as long. The forming material in the Zipfits is a gel/cork material that really should last for many years. Intuitions will pack out some after a while, but not as badly as stock liners. The nice thing about the Intuitions is that the liners heat-forms the entire foot not just a bit around the ankle or heel. If the shell is correctly fitted (and modified as needed) the intutitons will form to shell and foot for an excellent fit.

Both are very good products.
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Zip fits are the way to go. I was in foam liners for 10 seasons and loved them until I got into the Zips. Now I would never go back. They shape to your foot while you ski and every day is better than the last.

Intuitions are also a good option the only problem I have with them is that the same soft foam is under the foot as well. This will deminish hight expectation in performance. BUt if performance is not as important as fit go for it
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The soft foam under your foot is great, you just need to know who to mold them and maybe put pieces of extra material below. The race liner is very thin underfoot so you can still use your normal custom footbed.

Just watch out to get the right Intuition for the boot, depending on the volume of your skiing boot.
Intutions are allways lighter and warmer for same volume than any other liners. Performance is also great, there are enough people in the snowboard worldcup that prefer Intuitions over foamies as Intuitions don't stiffen up a soft boot compared to hard foam (which is the only decent way to go if you ski a lot). You have to remold Intutions from time to time (every 60-70 days) and they wil last longer than any modern foam boots. Old foam boots could hold up 300-400 days but that's over since the abolishment of several materials that are not considered environmently friendly or safe.

Intutions won't work in any too wide shell, as they loose a tiny bit of volume each time you bake them. As for foamies the fitter must be competent to achieve best results, and never ever forget to use toecaps with Intuitons as otherwise there will be no fun, and only click in, not close the buckles during the forming stage.
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