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Jackson Hole Questions

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Thinking of going to Jackson Hole this winter.
Looking for tips on where to stay, if you need a car etc.

Family trip with 20 something sons and cousins joined by 50 something parents.
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Go check my post under resort and ski travel

Jump- It's always smaller than it looks!
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Some will tell you to stay at the Hostel. With parents I'd say don't. No phone, no TV, no chairs, tiny noisey rooms.

Staying at the village is nice but you miss out on what town has to offer in the way of resturants, shopping, bars, ski shops, art galleries etc. You can ride the bus, but keep in mind it is winter, and it can be amazingly cold in Jackson after the sun goes
down. The bus service is pretty good, but there will still be waiting and walking. My advice is get a rental car regardless of where you stay, town or the village.
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My brother and I stayed at Motel 6 over President's Day weekend 2000.

If I remember correctly it was $39.95/night. Very affordable. About 10 minutes from the hill, and right on the edge of Jackson.

Not a luxury hotel, but it was cheap and clean.

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Ive been there a number of times, and have never felt the need for a car. Ive stayed in Teton Village, in condos at the racquet club, and at Snowking's hotel. All were fine for me. Check out JH's central reservations.
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I went with a group of 4 last year. We stayed at the racquet club which is kinda neither here nor there. We thought we would use the bus to shuttle to mtn/town, but after 1st wait for bus to town, we went out to the airport for a car.
If I was going solo for 2-3 days of pure skiing, I would probably stay in Teton Village, and bus into town once or twice.

If you plan a stay longer that a coupla days though, the Village has little to do except toss 'em back at the Moose (as if there is anything wrong widdat)

If I were there more than 3 days, I would stay in Jackson and rent a car.

Nice perk is car with 4 in it gets parking privilege in vip lot right next to Tram.
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I don't know your budget, but if you are feeling spendy, the Rusty Parrot is a fabulous small inn. There's a great spa there for apres-ski massages, and incredible homemade breakfasts every morning.
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