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Intuition molding question

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This may get long winded but.....Just got some new Intuition Alpine Power Wraps (which, by the way, are much nicer than previous ones I have had) for my AT boots. I had a pair of these 3 years ago. Bought them at a local shop, they heated them in the oven, padded appropriately, buckled the boots loosely etc and they came out overly tight in places, and had a few big wrinkles. Eventually I had them redone, same process, but they came out too loose and I had to use big shims under the liners and thick socks to take up all the room. Last year I got some of the krypton Gold ID liners, same molding process, and again they were too loose (remolded, still too loose).

So, now Intuition is saying you shouldnt use the oven for their liners, you should use the blowers (hot air fan tubes, whatever you call them). However, every shop I talk to around here (Salt Lake City) still says they are using the ovens. If you are molding a Krypton liner, I know they are "pre molded" to the shell shape, so if you use the blowers you are really just worried about molding the inside of the liner to your foot. However, if you are putting an unmolded Intuition into an AT boot, you need the whole thing to mold to the shell and your foot. So, all you boot experts, what is your experience with the blowers vs. the oven for the newer Intuitions?
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If you are located in Salt Lake City feel free to stop by Daleboot on 2660 South 300 west, and I would be more then happy to mold your liners. We have both the stack heaters and the convection ovens and I can walk you through the benefits of both. If you would rather call our number is 801-487-3649.
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first worrying thang is that it feels too loose, that would suggest that there was too much space in the shell in the first place, these liners fill the gaps between the foot and the shell and if ther is too much space they cannot do this job properly....how much space is there in the shell without the liner???
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Remember the Intuition liner can only compress to accomandate pressure points, it does not expand to fill voids.

Also, when remolding the liners, they do shrink a bit.
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The shells are plenty tight enough, just over a cm shell fit, and they are Garmont Megarides, which are pretty much the lowest volume AT boot there is. Any other opinions on the heat stacks (blowers) vs the ovens?

Daleboot - what is your name (or the best guy for the job) and how much do you charge for the molding?
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wilcox510, My name is Mike and I can help you or if I am out ask for Adam. We charge $60.00 an hour when working on other boots. I can not see us needing more then an hour unless we have to do some serious modification but it does not sound like that will be needed. hope that helps.
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