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closed ski areas

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I remember a thread a while back about old ski areas long since closed down but I can't find it, anyways what I am looking for is a website or a listing of old ski areas or ski jump hills no longer in operation in the midwest. More specifically, those in Michigan is what I am hoping for. Any help is appreciated,
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The guys at the New England Lost Ski Areas project would probably be able to point you in the right direction. Google it, or something.
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The New England Lost Ski Areas Project web site is www.nelsap.org
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Are you interested in specific closed ski area in Michigan?
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In Northern Michigan there was Timberlee Hills, Traverse City,closed 1972, Holiday, Travese City, closed in 2001, Sugar Loaf, Cedar, closed in 2001, Walden Hills(Branch) closed in 1974. And the ski jump at Munising closed in the late 60's. There were several towns with tow rope hills in the 60's and early 70's. Probably never listed. Those are the ones I actually skied at. Kneale can probably name a few more.

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Thanks everyone, just what I am trying to find.

Kneale, yes I am looking for ones in Michigan specifically.
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An update on Holiday Hills: It closed after the family of the man who'd run it for years felt overwhelmed about running it when he died doing some summer work with a tractor at the property. It remained closed last season despite a subscriber-supported nonprofit corporation being able to raise enough cash to buy it. The group decided to raise enough more money to have the ability to keep it afloat through a "weak" season. They opened this year and sold out their planned season ticket market. They expect to be able to keep Holiday Hills open into the foreseeable future. It's just a little spot, but it's been a favorite of local kids, mainly because it's a ten-minute drive from almost any neighborhood in town. I skied there in the 1950s because my family lived closer to that location than the city parks department's ski hill on the other side of town.

Other closed ski areas I remember include Thunder Mtn. near Petoskey, Mt. Mancelona at Mancelona and whatever the name was of the little slope at Boyne City that Boyne USA Resorts bought and turned over to the city for use as a park after the tow was removed. Neighboring Walloon Hills also was purchased by Boyne and donated to a group that operates it as Challenge Mtn., an ourdoor retreat for handicapped youngsters that has both winter snowsports and summer camping activities run by volunteers.

What are you doing with the information, Karsten?
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Hi, thanks for the info Kneale, I am thinking about getting some friends together for a few nights of winter camping and ski touring but we were hoping for some "real" hills to ski on so my first thought was to look for old ski areas that had perhaps been closed down and turned over to national park service for recreational use. We would go somewhere more populated but part of the charm is the silence and solitude and hiking up for our turns. I am going to check on a few of those places and see if they aren't available to use for that purpose than maybe the surrounding area.

Thanks again,
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Originally posted by Pierre:
Sugar Loaf, closed in 2001
Seriously? Damn, things have changed since I left Michigan. I've got a few fond memories of skiing Sugarloaf, for Michigan it wasn't a bad little hill. I'll lament it's passage while skiing this weekend.

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Originally posted by David7:
The New England Lost Ski Areas Project web site is www.nelsap.org
Nice link. Thanks!
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found my way to Petersburg Pass at the corner of vt, ma, ny. I skied there every weekend as a kid. Learned how to ski powder and do tip drop and side kicks and other jumps an stuf. Roland Blood ran the ski school - see him at Jiminy Peak from time to time and he can still ski.
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Ok Karsten, Walden hills is in the Manistee National Forest north of Branch and Walhala on Route 10. Those are big towns just east of Ludington. I lived in Ludington for 11 years. I can ask a few locals and find out what the conditions of the hills are if you would like.

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Karsten, the Sleeping Bear national park has some slopes that folks around Leelanau County like to hike and ski. Mostly tele gear. I'm not sure, but there may be winter camping available at the county park at the very end of the Leelanau Peninsula, which would be just a bit up the road from some of the biggest hills in the dunes.

Many of the closed areas would be off-limits because the owners don't want any liability issues.
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Thanks for the info Kneale and Pierre, I'll take you up on that if it isn't too much trouble to find out for me.
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I've done exactly what you are talking about at Porcupine Mtn. The ski area is open, but plenty of skiing is available around the mountain through the trees, and there is nothing stopping you from skiing the runs if you'd like.

Also, they used to offer single lift passes, which is nice for hauling your tent etc up the hill for an overnight.

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Click, and enjoy. :)




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