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Porpoising in Powder on TV

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Last night, our local public TV channel carried an episode of the show, "Adventure Travel", which dealt with skiing in Austria. Over and over, they showed a group of skiers bopping in and out of powder about once per second like kangaroos on speed (seriously hyperactive jackrabbits, Mexican jumping beans, porpoises without purpose, ... you get the idea).

As far as I could tell, conditions were perfect. The powder was untracked and only 12-18" deep, they were on a moderate angle slope, and there was no crust that needed to be broken through or seemingly any real reason to ski it this way other than to generate a nice visual image to please the producer, and as a fun way to blow off some exuberance for a couple of turns.

Maybe I'm just an old curmudgeon, but all I could think of was: (a) Didn't people stop skiing powder this way years ago?
(b) This was the skiing equivalent of hopping everwhere instead of walking, and
(c) What a useless waste of energy.


Tom / PM

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Once per second? I'd have to agree with you that it's a little bizarre. To me that's not what powder's about. I mean coming out and getting a little air at the end of the turn is one thing but the "jumping bean" thing sounds ridiculous.
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Maybe it's because Austrians have yet to discover fat skis.
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Tog: Yup, once per sec, once per second and a half, max. Weird. Maybe they just speeded up the film.

Epic: You may be on to something. I don't know when it was filmed. It easily could have been 5 years ago. Come to think of it, their clothing did look a bit dated, but I just chalked it up to Euro-fashion (which I know nothing about). Still, once per sec, even on straight boards is fast, and besides, at 12-18", we are not exactly talking about snorkel conditions and needing to periodically come up for air.

Tom / PM
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While it isn't one per second, I think the current commercial for Schweitzer has the skiers doing a similar "porpoise" turns. They show the commercial during Jeopardy every night and it was just a couple of nights ago that I commented to my wife that the skiers have really exaggerated movements, coming up out of the snow every turn. It looks like waaaay to much work for me.

Every time I see it, it strikes me as odd. Perhaps for the average customer/viewer it supposed to look cool or something.

Dave from Spokane
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