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Thanks Bondo!

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One of our Bear celebrities, Scotty Bondo is a DJ for KCMV 106.3 FM (99.1 in Frisco). This morning, he was nice enough ot interview me about my book and my studio. This is one of the first DJs I've worked with that actually asked relevant questions! Thanks!
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I was just PM'ing you a thank you as well.

I think it went well and I was very interested in your answers. Usually I am kind of a smart alek, but you had some truly interesting stuff to talk about. As I knew you would.

I hope for some more interviews in the future, I wanted to talk more about SOS but time was running out. Consider this an annual event!

Hope you get some people sent your way from this.
Call me anytime if you have something to promote, Leslie from Babes in the BC calls me just about every month and we discuss her workshops. So I extend the same invitation to you.
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I had no idea we had a Bondo here, and thought Lisa was thankful for a cheap car repair compound.

Welcome to the asylum. Now who is this BC babe?:
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Thx cirque
Never heard of the Babes??
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Originally Posted by Bondo View Post
Thx cirque
Never heard of the Babes??
That is really cool!
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