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Wet Weather

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Living, for now, on the east coast, I'm expecting to spend more days in the rain. I'm looking for wet weather gear, especially gloves. Would anyone suggest gloves and other apparel worth checking-out, before the season starts.

Thanks for your input
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Hestra. They're the best I've found.
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Any combination of Gore-Tex XCR and layers. Also, make sure if you have double lensed goggles and they have some type of open foam vents at the top of the lense that you either have a 2nd pair or atleast a spare lense. If you're out in some decent amounts of "immature snow" the water seepage between the lenses is often the weakest link equipment wise.
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When I lived in Oregon I skied a lot in wet weather. I found the best glove solution was multiple pairs of gloves. I stocked up on the Head gloves at Costco and would switch to a dry pair at lunch or earlier if it was really wet.
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Also live in the NE, have found XCR delivers better than any coating, there's a new version out called "Pro" which is said to be lighter, more breathable still. Arcteryx and Mountain Hardware are two of my favs.

Gloves remain a problem, since you can get as wet from sweat as from rain, and don't think Goretex gloves breathe well...
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I think that most of the mid to upper level quality gear will be waterproof, with taped seams and those new lazer cut pockets. Find what you like and go for it. Although I do not own any of their outer wear, I do like Helly-Hanson stuff, they even manufacture clothing for arctic fishermen!
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Burton gloves are top notch. In any case I recommend glove liners. I use both fleece and a thin wicking inner liner inside some cheap shells that I picked up clearance. They work well also.
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One thing to remember skiing in the rain (I also lived in Oregon for a while) is not to overdress. Good goretex layer, probably with nothing but a wicking layer under it, would be my recommendation. I used to buy surgical gloves to put over my ski gloves, but gore tex shell gloves or mitts would probably work better, particularly if you can change into spares.
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When I ski in the rain, I use a poncho (Descent) and a pair of extra large waterproof training shorts (for wet chair seats) over the top of my shell type snowpants, along with some Marmot supposedly waterproof gloves. The latter have held up so far, but they're pricey. A friend gets extra-large neoprene gloves he wears over common cotton work gloves.
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