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When Do you Epic Ski?

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Surfing habits of Bears
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Now, the interesting thing will be to compare the results of this poll with one from a few weeks ago...
When & where do you post

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Fox Hat:

Are you fraternizing again with us hateful bigots at epicski?
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You need a "when" category for those who visit the site intermittently through the day.
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Right after I hef gone srough ze bookmarks of porno sites I visit, such as playboy, penthouse und hustler. Post your favorite porno sites here so Arnie can add to his collection.

ow my right forearm and hand seem to hef cramped up again.
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we promised Fox Hat that we'd kick the Hateful Bigots (tm) in the goolies if they harassed him/her/it.

Although if the Hateful Bigots are women, we may have a problem.
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Need a I have no idea on #3
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