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rear mounting bindings on G41's

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hiya - just wondering if anyone knows/recommends mounting bindings back from boot center (about 10mm) for pow. Anyone done it? good/bad?

Also, will mounting the bindings back on pair of Volkl G41 Pros screw with the "3D sidecut"????

Any help greatly appreciated,

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I have never been a fan of moving the mountin point on a ski. I always been under the impression that the ski designers and engeneers know more than I do. Your safest bet would be to get a pair of Atomic bindings. They have (I think) 30cm of fore- aft adjustability. That way you can slide them back for pow, and back to center for everyday cruising.
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Actually, in talking with some top boot fitters, if you have them do an alignment work-up on you before your bindings are mounted, they can determine exactly where the bindings should be mounted. The mid point is a reference mark, and some of the good boot fitters put very few people perfectly centered on that mark. Depending on delta, forward lean, and your body height, weigh sex (women's CM is lower), and other factors, it will move your CM forward or backward, and they can adjust for that.

I know people who have used the sliding Atomic/ESS bindings in the powder, and they say that sliding them back in the powder does help. Never had a chance to demo them in the powder though. But the major advantage here, like Argus said, is that you can move them back for when you aren't in the pow.
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thanks for the replies - thats really interesting about the bootfitters, JohnH.

And those atomic bindings would be a good idea, but ive never been a big fan of them I must say.

Its just interesting, as Ive heard lots of reports of pros rear mounting bindings, but its hard to find good techs (especially in France) who know what they're talking about!!

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If you are a 5'll' 180lb male what would be the advantage if any of rear mounting a 191cm GS ski?
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More stability at high speeds.
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I was really meaning to aid flotation in deep powder - the G41 pros are really stiff.

I ve read interviews with people like seth morrison and they swear that moving your bindings back really helps if your spending 90% of your time in pow, and was wondering if other people have done it.


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What is your view on whether turn initiation will be significantly affected on a moderately shaped (95-63-85) GS ski (fairly even flex moderatly stiff ski)if the bindings were mounted 2-3cms back of the center mark? Just wondering.
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If you want to put yourself in the back seat, do it above the ski instead of on it.
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Thanks John H for your response.

What sparked my question is that several seasons ago when I bought a pair of skis with the dimensions described above, the ski shop guy recommended "Campbell Balancing" to determine binding placement. It's teter-toter device designed to purportedly more accurately deterimine where bindings should be placed based on an individual's stance, center of gravity or whatever.

The result of the excercise was that it was suggested that the bindings be rear mounted about 3cm's back from the center line. Unfortunatly the tech who mounted the bindings mounted one on the centerline mark and the other about 3cm's back. I didn't bother to check the work (lesson since learned)and wentskiing.

After a few unpleasent runs I realized that the bindings has been mismounted. I took the skis to the local mountain shop and had the rear mounted binding mounted on the centerline. The tech there was a cool guy and didn't charge me for the remount. He was not keen on Campbell Balancing however.

The shop where I purchased the skis gave me a new pair of skis but at that point I was not much interested in further experimentation so I had them mount the bindings on the replacement skis on the center mark.

As I mentioned above I am 5'11" 180lbs of average build with a tall nuetral stance.

I am still curious about the Campbell Balancing concept but at this point am not willing to experiment without knowing more.
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