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One ski Quiver

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Hi Guys,

This seems a great forum for ski gear chat. Hope someone can give me some advice!

I'm looking to buy some skis. I mainly ski on piste, though I really want to develop my off piste skiing too. This season I plan to spend 12 weeks in Verbier doing an instructor course. I'm short and light (5'6", 134 lb) - so although I ski quite agressively, I need something that's not really stiff! Level wise, I guess I can ski all pistes without issue, though I'm basically a novice off piste. I cant find much literature on this - but I'm guessing that the flex of a ski scales with the length, so as long as you are 'normal' weight for your height, then you have nothing to worry about?

Firstly, given I'm doing an instructor course (BASI 1&2) am I crazy to go for an 'All mountain' ski? Is this too much of a comprimise?

I was thinking (my impressions from reviews in brackets):

Volkl Ac30 (bit too stiff?)
Salomon Tornado (unstable at speed?)
Magfire 10 (Totally mixed reviews!)
K2 Crossfire (Bit tame?)

I guess I'll aim for the 160 - 165 length range..

In the past i've (rented) streetracers and radicals (not sure exact models). They were both great fun! I skied the Tornados recently (indoors!). Really liked them, but worry about stability at speed...

Any views guys?

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One-ski quiver? Never considered it. But if I had to, I guess I'd go like Rossignol B3 or Elan Mantis 777, or whatever they're called this year. Most important question, though, is where do you ski?
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The AC30s are definitely stiff.
I would recommend the Mag 10s.
I'm surprised you mentioned mixed reviews, I haven't heard anything negative about them...
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Yeah, well the Mag 10's get quite bad review in the UK ski magazines, but I know on here people seem keen. I've not skiied them yet, so will maybe try to line up a demo. How do the 10's ski? Fun on piste and a little powder capable? Are you talking 07, or 08 models, as I gather they've changed things quite a bit...

Prickly, I'll be mainly in Euorpe I think. Verbier at first, may be the three valleys too. Nothing like the powder in North America, so I'm avoiding a crazy fat ski!
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If you ski aggressively, an AC40 in 170. At 16 m radius, it handles ice/hardpack/bumps like a very smooth fat carver, but will give someone your size as much float as a PE would give a typically sized skier, and it slays crud/light pow. Too small and stiff in front for serious powder, but that's not what you're asking for...
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Hmm - I'll def. demo the AC40. I tried the atomic nomad crimson (again indoors) ~80mm under foot I think, and really didn't like them. I'm a bit confused about the AC40 - how do they compare to the AC30's? Lots of people on here rave about them!
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If instructors over there are the way they are here, you should get a slalom ski. 165cm, pick your brand.
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AC3s do a bit better in the groomers, good 70/30 ski. AC40 is more of a 60/40. And did someone say Volkls are stiff?!
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Try RX8 and Progresor from Fisher.
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nordica enforcer would be my current choice if I were limited to one ski.
135-98-125 (169 r17) (although I would personally go longer.)

That or the Hellcat (system binding) 132-90-118 (170 r17)

These are essentially race stock skis plus width and made of wood, metal and have sidewall construction.

My hard snow ski is currently the Jet Fuel 126-84-112 (186 r20) and I wish the above skis were available last year. I have absolutely no reason to ever go narrower after arcing cord on the Jet Fuel's chassis.

race stock plus width, baby. It's the new standard for the one ski quiver.

The im88 is sweet too, but the sidecut is too boring for arcing.
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Thanks for all your advice. Unfortunatly I have more questions than ever. In the UK the only viable way to test skiis is on indoor snow; So you can't test off piste or speed.

On the one hand I think that I'll enjoy any of the solutions suggested, but on the other, the only way to really know is to spend a day on each in the mountains! Looks like Verbier might get my business instead of the UK! Certainly this gives me something of a 'short' list...

Thanks again everyone!
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