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Boot shell measures

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Hello fellow skiers,

I need your help.I have a pair of Atomics(race boot grey and red),I bought in surefoot in Vail in 2003 with conformable liners(very cold,almost frostbitten heliskiing in Canada) and the shell is 307mm,and my daughter has a pair of Head (white and yellow,I guess the model is "thang")and the shell is 297mm.
We want to switch to Tecnica Diablo and I was wondering if the shell measures are the same.
We live in Argentina and there are no Tecnicas here,so as we go to Idaho next January we want to order this new stuff with enough time.
Anybody knows about this?

Cheers and thanks in advance

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It would help if you gave the mondo sizing in both boots.
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I assume the Mondo sizing is 26 and 25, more important question is how or why have you decided to switch to Tecnica without any idea if the boot is correct volume for you?
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