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Dr. Drew has been saying that men (as well as older women) should be getting this shot, should ask for it now even though that use isn't on the label at the moment. He claims it likely will be soon. I've been considering finding a doc to shoot me up with it.
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Originally Posted by UtahPowderPig View Post
Mercury poisoning isn't very fun either. .
I had a dentist who wanted to drill out lots of old fillings to prevent mercury poisoning.

I just told him I'd never develop an immunity to the stuff if I didn't get a little bit of it every day.
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Originally Posted by 911over View Post
There isn't "the virus" there are many HPV virus and the shot does not address a greater number of them. It comes nowhere close to erradicating cervical cancer. However that shot may make alot of girls who receive it at a young age, not be aware of their lack of protection against all the other HPV viruses when years later they become sexually active. They may easily think they are protected when that time comes. I'm totally w/Utah on this. The manner in which the drug co marketing the vaccine went about getting the requirement in TX for school age girls was totally unethical & cast considerable suspect upon their motivations for doing so. Having been thru my share of pre-cancerous cervical issues, I've been fully briefed about them by my GYN. Many factors play in here regardless of HPV. HPV is also transient & with a good immune system it goes away. If it caused havoc in a womans body & she was regularly & properly screened, it is easily dealt with. Mandating vaccines for non-life threatening diseases is pretty severe & to me doesn't sound like freedom to parent our children, feels like state run parenting & medical care decision making. Where does my knowledge & experience get to come into play ? I'm supposed to fork out the money & have no choice about it ?
To start with, I am not advocating mandatory immunization, but I believe it is foolish to forego it, and irresponsible to forego immunizing your children.

Some of your ascertations are incorrect. First, the vaccine treats the strains of HPV that cause 70% of cervical cancer according to the CDC, and 90% of genital warts.

Secondly, girls should be informed and protect against all STI's, regardless of HPV vaccination. They should also be advised to continue to get pap smears. those are just medicine, and to use the argument that HPV vaccination may give any woman a false sense of security is an argument based solely on the presumption that they will ignore good medical advice.

Third, cervical cancer certainly is a life threatening disease. Prior to the vaccine, it was #14 on the list of cancer mortality. Even at 70%, the vaccine has the potential of eliminating 7000 cancer cases in the US each year, and 3500 deaths. In the developing world, cervical cancer is the #2 cancer killer.

I don't know who told you that HPV "goes away" in women with good immune systems; if it was your doctor, I would get a new doctor.

As far as it being "easily dealt with", do you consider the removal of part or all of your cervix something akin to a sprained wrist or a cold?
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I have 2 little girls. One almost 5 the other just 16 months. I got mine on Wednesday and my upper arm still hurts. I don't get sick that often as it is, but I suppose it can't hurt.

As for the I said I'm the father of 2 girls, I would be doing them a huge disservice if I didn't insist on getting that one when the time comes. Why wouldn't you want to protect your children from a known cancer cause???
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Dropped out of this thread after page one, but wow what life!

Pretty familiar with the literature on flu vaccines, gotta say that Garrett is dead on. Thimerosal =

Point is that ANY vaccine carries with it very small risks. Flu vaccine's major complication is Guillan Barre syndrome, which occurs about 1 per million vaccinations. Other complications may drop this to total about 1/900,000 vaccinations. But guess what? Your risk of dying from the flu each year in the U.S. is between 1 in a thousand and 1 in 10 thousand. That's roughly between a hundred and a thousand times greater!

There are very bright epidemiologists at CDC/NIH who collect the numbers, work out risks. If risk of getting sick from the vaccine is anywhere within a few orders of magnitude of the risks of complications from the disease, the vaccine is not recommended except for special cases (immunocompromised etc.).

All this might be an interesting problem for vaccines to say the common cold, which has low virulence, but it's a non-issue for the flu or HPV (which you have for life, and remain infective, regardless of whether you show symptoms.)

Besides, I once spent most of a Jackson Hole ski week on my back with pneumonia that developed from the flu I thought I was getting over when I skied the first day...never again.
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Originally Posted by beyond View Post
Your risk of dying from the flu each year in the U.S. is between 1 in a thousand and 1 in 10 thousand. That's roughly between a hundred and a thousand times greater!
Where do these figures come from?
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