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You know they've passed you by.....

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when your 12 year old says "Have you always skied this slow?"

Happened to my wife with our son. I'm waiting for my turn next.
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Time to raise the bar! lessons for you

or time to start working on those come back lines.. "only when I'm with you!"
or "Nah, Just giving you a chance to keep up..."

Some kids are just so fun!
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Tag, I hear that you're so slow crap from my daughter so often that it goes in one ear and out the other. :
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You know they passed you by when your kids are no longer referred to on the local mountain as 'Rio's kids' and people start referring to you as 'Rio's father'.
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Two seasons ago I posted on something like this. I was realy moving one morning and I kept hearing sounds right behind me. Someone was on my tails matching me turn for turn..... guess who that was?

A few weeks ago my son (now 11) was at the finish line and I asked him what he got. His time waxed me by five seconds.... but being the "politician" he is, he quickly added that that was his best run and he only beat me by three "now that the snow is warm and slower. Translation ..... he is smart enough to know that he needs a ride home!
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I am at a stage where my sons are still considerably slower than me, so they make up at the first run,
asking me to busckle their boots, help then to wear their gloves, etc.
And they the go! Leaving me still not ready, so I have to run after them half "naked" (translation: boots not buckled, pants still
up till the knee, since I have to buckle the boots, no gloves on, jacket still open, etc etc).
They seem to enjoy that, the little rascals!
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>"Have you always skied this slow?"

It's almost as bad when you get to the lift line, they look up and say "I didn't know you were still with me!" [img]smile.gif[/img]
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My 12 yr old daughter and I "raced gates" together yesterday during a State sponsored family event. D.A.R.E. (Drug Alcohol Resistance Education).
I had to put out my best. (I was wearing the Red patrollers coat).
She said I was an inspiration for her to go faster.
Last year at the same event, I was only able to stay ahead of my elder son by fractions of a second. Fortunately, he was working this year (Ski Pro) so we didn't get to compare times, much to my relief.

My 10 year old son and two of his buddies swept the top three spots on the boards.

We were also celebrating one of our patrollers who has 42 years in at the mountain. At 86, he consistantly wins his class at the races, but admits he sometimes sees no competition. A target for us all.

Local color!


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