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still skiing in canada

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can anyone give me info on any good skiing in canada may? june? thinking of a late season trip.
thanks bteddy
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'tiss a great month to be at W/B. Whistler closes it's lifts on June 9th. Blackcomb glacier skiing opens June 10th. And the Prices are nice this time of year.

Having just left for the season, let me report, there is tons of skiing left at the higher elevations. The lift accessed is good, real good, but what I do is use the lift, then hike and/or skin OB, for that sweet, sweet corn.

If going OB, bring a buddy with back country knowlege of the area, hire a guide (great prices this time of year & they know where to go, or more important, where not to go.) Watch out for cornice failure, bring all the self rescue equipment, pack an extra layer of clothing, food etc.

A great shop for all the above, including guide service is The Escape Route, 113-4350 Lorimer Rd, Whistler tel#(604)938-3228. Give them a call before you make arrangments to go to W/B for all kinds of options.

There is always the option of heli guided tours, which can get you into the thick of things quick. If you are honestly experienced in the Back County there is the "just drop you, your on your own" for the cheap, about $70.00 can. funds, but you need 7 buds to make that price.

But, please don't make the local papers by over exaggerating your abilities or experience in the BC.

Don't feel like hiking or skinning & the $$ low? think about Snowmobile tours in and around Whistler.

If you are good, real good, Pemberton, 40 klicks North, has some sick stuff accessable by heli or hike then Skin.

The great thing about the "drop you, hike out" thing is you can be back in town by afternoon, take a bike ride, drop by the baaars and then get really, really drunk with the hotties.

The plus about the resort thing at Whistler, is all the stuff to do...skiing, biking, hiking, climbing, swimming, sailing, golfing...drink'n & budd'n, etc. All this and the place is nice and calm, little crowding..no lines...no worries. It's just all GOOD!
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you DO have skins, right?
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Right on Q, Ryann. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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That were a good'n. I liked it. :
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Don't roll your eyes at me Mist'a!

Double meaning in me post, just cause...well I...um, um was trying to say, um...

Oh, you just have a nice day, you, you, you skier you! :
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And you Oh, Most Fastest. Eh-twah.
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Ah, you figured it out, eh?
Oh shucks, my covers been blown again, [img]redface.gif[/img] .
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