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Woolly Caterpillar

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Enough science and El nina stuff. Can anyone remind me of the woolly caterpillar theory? Every caterpillar I've seen recently, Pittsburgh area, has been solid black. I can't remember if that means cold wet winter or warm dry winter. I don't know whether to dance or cry.
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I think it means there are more black caterpillars in your area than whites and hispanics.
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It means your coals are too hot. Turn the flame down and brown the caterpillars slowly before topping them off with tabasco sauce.
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The length of the hair on the woolly caterpillar, not its color, are the determining factor on whether its going to be a cold winter or not. Unfortunately, nobody has every clarified what constitutes a hairier than normal woolly caterpillar.
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I'm sure there's a joke in there somewhere about a lengthy hairy woolly caterpillar but I'm not touching it with ANY kinda pole:
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I think it means he was missing the butterfly chromosome as surely he should have metamorphasized by now. But I do think it is the hairiness that counts more than the color.

Though if color counts, I would think white would be the best color to be...err...ah...that came out wrong...just that snow is white, and all, and therefore, a white caterpillar who failed to become a butterfly would be more indicative of a good winter than a black caterpillar who failed to become a butterfly.
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Well, my grandma used to say............

that the harshness of the upcoming winter is determined by the length of the brown band. The longer the band, the milder the winter.
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No, you've got it all wrong. It's in the taste, not the color. Pop one in your mouth (it must be live) and chew slowly. Chew too fast, and it skews the results. If it is very salty, then it predicts a less snowy winter (hence the salt content). If not overly salty, well, you get the point. If it tastes like sh--, then you may have picked up the wrong thing - try another one. I looked it up on the internet, so it must be true.
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Woolly Caterpillars tell me that its time to go fishing. Trout love them. Wait... I'm thinking of a woolly bugger... nevermind.

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I thought they tasted like chicken !
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