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Utah ski lodging questions

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We (group of 7) have decided to make a first-ever trip to the Park City area for skiing this year. We plan on going to Alta or Snowbasin at least one day, but wanted the "ambience" of staying at a mountain, so we thought Park City seemed to offer more options. We have narrowed our lodging choices to places near the Park City Golf course [such as Three Kings, Crescent, Payday, others?], or places near The Canyons [such as Hidden Creek and Timberwolf, which are ?walkable to the Cabriolet to take you to the resort]. We need to be on the shuttle route as we have a brand new skier who will be taking lessons first time and others who will be going to do blues with one black diamond-seeker looking at other mountains. We want to avoid the expense of ski-in, ski-out.
Any recommendations on one area vs. the other? Opinions seem to be all over the place as far as which mountain has the best ski school for new skiers. The advantages of spots nearer The Canyons seem to be slightly less expensive yet newer lodgings with still some restaurants in the area (Redstone). Disadvantages are they are more suburban/less resort in nature. I had also heard that Timberwolf is not exactly directly on the shuttle route for this winter. The advantages of Park City location [Three Kings, Payday, et al.] seems to be closer to the "action" of Park City, though still not within walking distance, but they are older lodgings with mixed reviews re quality.
Any help greatly appreciated!
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I am no expert at booking lodging but have visited Park City 5 times and each time I ended up booking our trip. I have utilized quite a few websites (can't remember nearly all of them) but here are a few ideas. Resort Quest I had good luck with a couple of times, if anyone in your group has ever booked through them they you should be able to get a discount. I have used Craiglist (last visit there) and got a decent place for little money. For that trip we had 7 and were a little cramped but it worked for us. An the others we used skiutah.com. If you haven't already, google lodging in Utah, and check out a few of those, there are plenty of sites that can help. If you would like info on the place I booked last time I can check at home for the owners phone number. It was a 2 bedroom (again kinda small, shared beds) in Park City.

Each visit we stayed on the shuttle route, walking distance to PC and downtown (night life). Each year we also rented a car as taking the bus to Alta/Snowbird would have cost close to the same thing as renting only we had the car for the whole week for grocery runs, liquor runs and dinner off the beaten path. For lift tickets, look into Canyon Sports or the grocery down past the Canyons (Smiths I think or Albertsons, can't remember). I know the condos down by the Canyons are newer but we wanted to stay near the night life, that is why we stayed in Park City each time.

Good luck planning
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W/ re to lift tickets, to buy discounted lift tickets, you have to buy them in SLC. Keep that in mind on your way from airport.
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Thanks! We will get our lift tickets and hopefully our equipment before we head out of SLC. We are looking at least one day at Alta, and maybe a day each at PCMR and Deer Valley with the 4th day a swing one. So much will depend on the weather/snow conditions. We will definitely rent a car; with 6 or 7 it makes sense. The question of what part of town to stay is still up in the air. I think we'd prefer more room (3 bedroom) and take the shuttle as opposed to close to town activities but cramped.
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Hey Philsbert, welcome. Of the three condos that you mentioned, Crescent Ridge is my favorite. It's up on the hillside away from the others and nestled in an aspen forest that continues up the mountainside. They're the last buildings on the southwestern edge of town, bordering the resort mountain, so there's nothing between there and Brighton, several ridges over. You have to walk a little farther for the bus than the other two condos, but it's also just a few dozon yards from the Eagle chair if you cut through to the south. This may be across a driveway on private property, but I think you can just walk over. Ask.

If this doesn't work, you go the long way around the block to the bus. Still very close. The bus is odd for all three Condos- it's a five or ten minute walk to the lift, tops, depending on where you are in the complexes- too far to walk in ski boots but you may wait longer for the bus than the time it takes to hoof it. Excrutiating on a powder day- I'd suggest simply driving the 1/4 mile to the free lot next to the Eagle chair and go from there. You'll want a car anyway, to get groceries, go to restaurants, and explore the Cottonwoods and points North, like Snowbasin.

Payday is the more substantial of the other two, steps from the bus and only a short walk from the new Silver Star chair. Three Kings is one of the oldest condos in town, and sprawls over some now very expensive real estate between the Eagle chair and the Silver Star Chair, still somewhat far to walk in alpine boots. It's looking a bit shabby from the outside, dating from the 70's, but I'm sure that they have been well maintained and updated. All are in a very pleasant part of town right next to the mountainside. There's no traffic, lot's of big trees and residential homes. I'm in the next neighborhood over.

I'm not nuts about the Canyons- too much traffic and strip malls- and I'm not familiar with those condos. Skiing is on wierd narrow trails, except for the double black expert stuff, which is excellent due to the management neglect that seems to prevade the place- there is now at least a five way lawsuit as to ownership, if I'm counting right. Not that I have an opinion one way or another...

A consideration for your beginner- look into the Deer Valley ski school. In spite of all the trash we talk about DV, their ski school is second to none and the prices may be the same. It's five minutes away from the condo's you're looking at. Alta is excellent for a beginner as well because of the gentle Albion Basin. Stash 'em in ski school and go rip....
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