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Kids boots for an adult woman skier?

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It has been recommended to my girlfriend that Lange World Cup Junior boots would be great for her. She was told that a huge percentage of high end kids boots are sold to skilled women skiers. They will be half the cost of the Lange adult boots (women specific or not). Is this reasonable advice?

She is 5'8", 130 lbs, and is naturally athletic and in very good shape overall with particularly strong legs. I would say that she is an advanced intermediate who is very keen to improve. In the past she has mostly stuck to groomers and loose snow on piste stuff, but will (hopefully) be taking some more adventurous routes down the hill this year. She will be buying Line Celebrity or Volkl Aura skis this year as well. We ski predominately at Sunshine and Lake Louise, and will be taking a 7 or 10 day trip to Whistler. We'll also be doing a number of Thursday to Sunday trips to Fernie and Kicking Horse this year, and we may also do 3 or 4 days of Cat Skiing with Powder Cowboy.

Having said all of this, the simple question is this - provided they fit properly, have you heard of kids boots being recommended to adult females? Is this commonly done? Is it a good idea?



PS - my apologies if this has already been discussed. I did a search and as usual, I came up with nothing.
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It is common and proper assuming that her foot shape is correct for the model in question. What she will get will is a somewhat softer boot with a lower grade of liner. The differences are not great however and the Jr boot is a good value. Watch that she does not overflex it though. Any jr racer that is remotely her size would be in an adult boot.

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It all depends on her feet. As an instructor, I have had success with women in junior boots. They are soft, but no more so than many comparable women's boots. I believe the Lange and the Nordica Doberman go into at least an 80 flex as Jr. boots. That's as stiff as many women's boots. If she has a narrow foot these may very well be her best bet.
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Thanks very much for the quick responses. That is very helpful.

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a full kids boot will be too soft, but a jr race boot should be just fine.

PM me if you have more questions, I'm in banff and might be able to help on the boots or the fitting
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I am going to disagree slightly and simply offer another option. Your girlfriend sounds strong and fit and she is not nearly as light as the typical athlete for whom the jr race boot is meant. Now part of the problem is a flex definition. I think Jr. boots stop at 70 flex and once we get to 90 flex we are into adult world, although jrs use them. I would say that a 70 flex boot is to soft for your girlfriend but that a 90 may work perfectly.

As Mntlion said he is in Banff and I am in Calgary so either of us may be able to help.

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