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Breck at base of Peak 9

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I'm looking for some good places to stay at the base of Peak 9 in Breck thanksgiving weekend. I've scoured tripadvisor and some other sites...but was wondering if anyone had any other good suggestions. I've got 3 small kids so a pool is required also.

Thanks for any help.
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check out vrbo.com

also do a search there are tons of Breck Lodging threads
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Thanks...I've been looking a vrbo and had done some searches here but was wondering if there were any other avenues. Sounds like vrbo is still the best bet.
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you might also try looking at places like inner circle, snow drop, snowdallion off of columbine road. they share an outdoor heated pool and are about as close to peak 9 as anything else besides staying in the "village" but a lot less.
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Beaver Run is right at the base of Peak 9 and has what you ask for. It's not the cheapest by any means, but a great ski-in, ski-out with all the usual perks of a "resort" I guess. We stayed there on our first trip to the West and enjoyed it. They have a free shuttle that'll take you down to Main St. if you don't wanna hoof it.
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We stayed at one of the places in the "Villages" last year. It was kind of a joke to call it ski-in-ski-out. It was only in the sense that the complex adjoins the lift, but there was a long trek around a bunch of base faciliites and stores to get to the hotel.

I did not go inside, but it looks like Beaver Run is truly ski-in-ski-out.
The condos off of the trail that goes by the Snowflake lift are s-i-s-o as well. Although Snowflake is pretty much just a commuter lift, not something you'd ski for its own sake.
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We just booked our room at the villages, and the guy who owns the condo swore it was ski in ski out. You said villages hotel, and we are staying in a condo. Do you think there is a difference?
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Ullr -
Actually, I think the buildings on the near edge are ski-in-s-o. The problem is that we were on the far edge by the street (Something or other Hyatt, maybe? One of those weird hotel/condo hybrids. Looks like a hotel, but some of the units are separately managed and have no connection to the front desk.).

It was not really that bad a walk -- I was just annoyed cause it was $$$, and we wound up not walking on the street anyway cause the altitude bothered my wife so much.

Here is an old aerial photo I found when I was researching this...

So you can see Cedars and Trails End, s-i-s-o. Chateau and Liftside, sort of... Marriot and Main Street Station (where we were) not so much.

In reality, MountainWood and Columbine, which are on the other side of the street and not part of the Villages, are about the same distance as the further part of the Villages.

(My labels are sort of hard to read. Others say Maggie Pond, Maggie Building, Plaza 1, Plaza 2, Der Steinmark (also across the street). There is one there even I can't read...
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BTW, the unit at the Main Street Station, was super deluxe. It had much nicer furniture, TV, and kitchen appliances than my house. Come to think of it, it may have had more floor space than my house too. Problem was, we really did not make much use of it -- generally a planning meltdown with many causes.
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Here is a little wider view.
BR is Beaver Run. (The buildings and the lift). Other illegible labes are
Grand Timber and "One of the Tyras?" by the Snowflake lift.
THe thing labeled "Great Divide?" is in fact Great Divide.

(Our friends stayed in a different Tyra further up the hill -- forget which one -- and it was siso, and quite nice.
You do have to ski down, take your skis off, cross the road, and climb maybe ten feet to get back to the Snowflake lift.)
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I stayed at Park Ave. Lofts last year. The room was incredible, 2 br 2 bath with a private hot tub and a private parking garage. It is located next to the public parking lot on the map above. You walk across the street about 150 yards and you are at the Quicksilver lift. We got a really good deal on the room. It is probably the nicest place I have stayed in Breck. Tyra and Tyra II are pretty nice too especially if you have kids that will be skiing green runs. The four o' clock ends right in front of the condo.
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