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The Internet and Buying SkiStuff

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BASIC assessment of activity and confidence level
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Ahh, Hemmm... (clears throat)


That is all, carry on. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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Flawed or not, it's just an attempt to get an idea.
Do you think "deals" are easier to come by now?
Is the variety of choices wider, with The Web?
How will the "funky ski shop on the corner" be affected?
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If I pretty much know what I want, I will look around the net for a deal, pay the shipping and save myself some money. However, if I go into a shop, ask a few questions, take their time away from other customers, I buy from said shop. Ethics kick in on that one. We do need these local shops, they support our industry.
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I agree that local shops deserve a shot at the business as long as their pricing is reasonable. But if they are out of line ...

There are no friends when bargain hunting.
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There is lots to buy on the internet. But getting a "deal" is pretty damn hard on the internet if you ask me, I've been looking a long time trying lots of different methods, and I am just now getting anywhere, just my two cents
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It depends. For example, after demo-ing the living bejeezus out of the Rossignol Bandit XX, I decided to buy it late in the season. Problem: The XX was so well received that it was sold out in my size. After calling many shops without finding them, I found them on Ebay, my size, new in the plastic, and got them for $350 - not too shabby!

If I had found them locally at a shop I know, I probably would have tried to work out the best deal possible and gone for it - but I didn't find them there. As a result, I got just what I wanted and spent less than if I'd bought them locally.

If there's something I know I want, if I find it brand new on the Internet, and the price is much better than I could expect buying from a shop, then I'd go for it. Sometimes, I buy things on the 'Net just because I can't find them elsewhere - such as tennis shoes. I don't mean what passes for tennis shoes, I mean shoes made for actually playing tennis. I also have great relations with a local shop and do business there every chance I get, for skiing especially. I wouldn't get boots anywhere else, because the personal hands-on component of that is very important.
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I bought a pair of skis on ebay. Brand new with bindings mounted for free. Saved $210. Then went to the mid summer sale at the local ski shop and bought boots. Saved $275. I'm of the opinion that I'm going to shop around and get the best deal no matter what. I use that same shop for all my other needs (wax edge jobs etc.)
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I have both bought and sold ski gear over the net. For the most part I ve found some really good deals from shops that sell gear over the internet. Most of the sites on the net selling ski gear are part of a "real ski shop." They have a store somewhere out there in this big wide world and found the internet as a way to offer thier goods to more people. I have gone to my local shop with a print out of a price from an online retailer and ask if they can meet that price. The results have been mixed. At one shop they flat out said no and made a big deal of how I was somehow ripping them off by going to the internet and shopping price? At another local shop they looked at my price, gulped muttered something about "how can they sell that ski so cheap" and said yes they would match the price. Well shop number 2 earned my bussiness and I have referred many other skiers to thier shop. They may not have made much on that one sale but they have more then made up for it in the long run. The internet is here to stay. Ski shops like the rest of retail shops are going to have to learn to live with it.
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I have bought several pairs of skis and bindings on the internet, some new, but mostely used. It is a very good opportunity to buy and sell used gear, and I think there are some incredible deals there. I bought a pair of fat Atomic Powder 8 skis on e-bay a couple of years ago for $85 including bindings. Yes, they were well used and needed a fair amount of repair, but I can tell you that I have gotten my money back tenfold for the amount of fun I have had on them. Without the internet I would not have found them as I rarely browse ski swaps.
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So how about some of the places you visit, or like to purchase from? Here are a couple of mine:




How about some of yours?

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I just ordered a pair of marmot gloves from these guys.
On sale 25$ cheaper than anywhere else i could find..no sales tax and free shipping. Nice people and got shipped the same day i ordered it.
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What about year old equip. cleared out to make room for the new year. Something out of print or drastically different. More times than not you'll find it on the net.

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Just bought skis and bindings from
No one seemed to have them in stock and shipping was free and no tax and price was 150 lower thatn anywhere else I checked.
3 day air freight, very satisfied
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Telemark-pyrenees.com has awesome prices on skis and other gear. And even though you have to pay about $60 in shipping to get skis to the US you can find internet companies here willing to match T-P's prices with free shipping. I haven't found a site with prices even compared to T-P's.
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Ive also found the prices from telemark pyrenees to be excellent. So is thier service. If the US dollar were stronger to the Euro Dollar, It would even make thier deals sweeter. Ive been looking at getting a pair of Fischers from them even with shipping they would be less then $350.00 US
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