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Hi Everyone,

I'm new to this forum and I'm looking around for a set of skis to buy and was hoping that I could get some comments or recommendations on what I should look at...

I'm a 5'6" guy and weigh about 135 pounds. I guess I would classify myself something as an intermediate to advanced skier (definitely not an expert type). I usually ski on black diamonds, but also will do a double black diamond.

Since I'm a student, I'm sort of on a budget and looking for a set of skis that will be ok in as many conditions as possible...I'd prefer to spend around $250 max for skis and bindings (I don't mind getting something used or from some previous season).

I was looking at the Fischer RX4 (for $250), but from reading some comments here about them it seems that they're more for beginner-intermediate types. But maybe I'm wrong! Should I look at something else instead? Or are these fine for someone in my price range?

Anyone else have any other recommendations? I realize that I can't get something 'good' for $250, but I'd like to maximize it as much as I can!