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Old School getting current

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I've been watching the great technical & gear recommendations & thought I'd throw this out there.

I'm looking for a one-ski approach to local BC (whistler & north shore) ski conditions. I'm back on 2 sticks for the 1st time in essentially 10yrs after snowboarding. My taste & ski habits are powder when I can get it & bigger bowls, black & dbl-black runs (Spanky's Ladder & area..Blowhole, etc).
If it isn't a fresh day or I get there & it's tracked out, I need something to deal with the chop.
I love a great groomer to burn it down to the mid-mountain lifts or if its just too crowded on other parts of the mountain.
My specs:

46yrs old...6'1", 220lbs and like to feel I am growing into a ski.

My thoughts have run from the Head Mojo 90 to IM88, to Volkl Gotama/Mantra/AC40/AC30.

I don't want to ski backwards or get into the park, but I am looking forward to applying the new technique learned last year during my Level One instructor course.

Any ideas out there on ski & length? The IM88 only go up to 186 I think...

thanks in advance!
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been where you are 2 seasons ago (old schooler on 198 Rossi 7S [about 63mm])...

since you're going to be a regular at Whistler why not contact the folks at Prior and demo some of their planks?

They're a snowboard company but have been making skis for several seasons now and get pretty decent reviews. I think it would be worth a gander since you're in their neck of the woods (they're based in Whistler).


Also Lib Tech makes some skis, as well.

(I'm just tossing off the snowboard companies that make skis since you're coming from having been a boarder for the past decade).

Thumbs up to the Mantra, but at your size don't look at anything shorter than the 184...

The Rossi B series are pretty sweet, too (B3, B4...though they changed the names slightly for 2007)

Anyway, I'd hit up Prior and Lib Tech (which is based out of Northern Washington near the Canuck border) and see about demoing some planks.
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I really think the Gotama is going to be your favorite. I could see you on either a 183 or a 190, but what a nice ski. Sounds like you enjoyed the big surface and carve of a board for a while. These give you that and a lot more directional stability and ability to stick on harder conditions. I was really impressed with these compared to my Mantras. Another ski I likeis the Atomic Sugar Daddy. This one can hold a bit better on harder conditions but it isn't quite as round in the way it goes through turns.

Its a great time to be getting back onto skis. They have really grown beyond the snowboard again.
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