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Ski Pants

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Mens Cloudveil Koven or Arc'teryx Alpha LT? I am looking for a shell pant with full zips with a max budget of $300. Any other suggestions or thoughts on those 2?

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SAC.......... They have blown out some Arc shell pants well below that price point...
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ummmm, what's SAC?
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SAC is


They put up one item at a time, usually and a very subsatntial discount.

You can check out past items at

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Any other suggestions?
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Originally Posted by jamesgig View Post
Any other suggestions?
Arc'teryx Theta SK's........there is no other ski pant

They have been on SAC a few times for $140.
I bought my wife's pair there but stupudly paid $450 on sale here in Canada before I found SAC.
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Last night they had Minuteman pants in three colors on S&C. I bought a pair last year and said last week if I could get a black pair for working in I would jump. Then my daughter calls me with a deal alert .$135 Very nice pants for a great price.
The Theta bibs would be a very good purchase also . I like the comfort of bibs
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You can find Arc'Teryx Theta SK pants on sale here, here and here (sizes may be limited by now). They are one of (if not the) best ski pants. You should also check out SAC as the others have suggested.
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Minutemen are up right now if you are on the Large side
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I have been looking around for some nice deals on last year's stuff, but since I need a medium and would prefer black or gray over some of the other less standard colors, it seems to be a tough find.

I would also rather them be pants than bibs, and I would like them to have zips around the ankles to make putting on boots easier without having to try and jam up my pants then try to get them back over my boots.

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