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Quiver consolidation ?

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Heh, we're not making turns yet. The white ribbon of death is still under construction, so how about some ski selection help. Basics, 54 yrs, 30 skiing. Solid level 8. 5-11, 190. Ski Summit Co. Last year I started building a quiver with the idea of having three skis to cover all conditions. Everything was bought used but good condition. Somehow I ended up with four skis. On the hard snow end I've got a pair of RX9s in 170 which I love for those hard snow days or spring days that start hard and cold. On powder days I've got a pair of Elan 999s. These are both keepers. In between I'd like to have only one ski but I've got two. A Rossi Z9 in 176, and an older Karma in 177. The Karma's lots of fun in soft snow and bumps but doesn't hold up at higher speeds or firmer snow. The Z9 turns easy and is stable enough at speed but doesn't float much in soft snow and doesn't hold well on hardpack. I do love them in spring snow. I'm looking for one ski to replace these two. Basically an all mountain that you take when you don't know what the snow will be like. I've had an 8k and sold it, just didn't like it much. I prefer last years models that I can get cheaper. It's my extended demo system.

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Hi Steve,

Consider the Head Monster 88 in a 186cm.

It will do it all except moguls.

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i would say ditch the Karmas.

i had a pair in 177 (I'm 5'11" and run between 175-185lbs during the season) and they ended up being really short running (for comparison the 185cm Karma is the same length tip to tail as my 181 Blizzard Titan 9, and then if you factor in the twips, the running length is a lot shorter...which means the 177 is really short if you're close to 6 feet and close to pushing 200lbs).

if you could find the Karma in a 184 or perhaps the Rossi B4 (or Scratch BC/Sick Bird) in a 184, that might fill the #3 slot. though those might be a bit redundant with the 999.

the Titan 9 is roughly the same dimensions as the Karma (86mm waist) and you might be able to track some down cheap since Blizzard retrofitted their freeride line this year). Go for the 181 (that's what I'm riding in place of my Karma).
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Keep the Karma. The other skis are not that unique. Karma is.
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I love it when we disagree. No wrong answers.
The Karma did ski short, which made it fun in soft bumps but marginal everywhere else.
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another option is to sell the 177 karmas and look for some used 185's...
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I'd say ditch the Karma and the Z-9 and replace with a Mythic Rider in 178.

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Jim, had a feeling you'd say that. I'll have to look for a demo.

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Jim, you have spoken well of the AMC 79 before. They're out there for good prices. Would it fit?

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