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drugtests for ski bums at alyeska?

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we are heading up to alyeska this year from the lower 48 to do the typical poor ski bum dishwasher type gig for the winter and spring. we are trying to get jobs on the mountain for our lift tickets and were a little perplexed while reading about the drug free workplace. can any girdwood kids out there explain this in a bit more detail? the new owner there sounds fairly cool, and we figured that it would be a rather chill scene with an emphasis put on real skiers and the ski bum lifestyle. are we going to have serious trouble getting dishwashing jobs or something of the nature just because of our california herbal medications? just looking for a bit of info from locals. cheers.
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well I hope you can get a job there, because Alyeska is pure heaven on earth. Do you have a California perscription? If so, then you should be able to explain that you need it for medical purposes, hence why you failed the drug test, and if they are concerned tell them you will not continue because this dishwashing job is very important to you.
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What kind of idiot screens dishwashers? That is one of those jobs you pretty much have to be high to do.
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I would guess that screening is for all the jobs. A stoned dishwasher is harmless compared to a stoned lift attendant (in terms of liability to the mountain), but I guess they cannot "discriminate".
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It's probably a one time drug test for insurance reasons. Quit smoking now and be clean for when you arrive. After you take your piss test I seriously doubt they will be doing random tests. Typically the only reason you would get tested after the initial one is because you eff'd up. Crushed a tourist with a snowmobile or something like that. You'd be halfway out the door anyhow.
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I've had jobs with employers that tested some employees pre-employment but not others. Depends on the job for sure.
Quit smoking now and be clean for when you arrive. After you take your piss test I seriously doubt they will be doing random tests.
Exactly. Not that I think screening all employees at a ski area is a particularly wise thing to do, but if you can't pass a simple piss test you know about in advance then you have a problem.
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Get a job washing dishes at the Double Musky instead.
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It makes sense to me. I've owned a business and my employees who smoked pot were much more likely to steal, not show up on time, etc.
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you could just tell 'em what that kid who won the gold medal in snowboarding told the Olympic judges after they revoked his medal because of testing positive for Mary J: you're friends party and you enhaled second hand smoke. Remember, they overturned the original motion and he walked away with the medal afterall.
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Pee for enjoyment, not employment.
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This sounds ridiculous.

If you cannot stop smoking pot to pass a drug test??

Medical pot in California is abused. And violates federal law. So I do not think that is relevant.
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Why is this NOT posted at TGR?
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He was stoned.
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I don't think they have pre employment drug testing but you must submit to a test if asked. I've been told that if you are asked to take a drug test and for some reason you think you might fail you can resign and reapply for a job. If you take the test and fail you will not be eligible for reapplication. You should also know that they give priority to in state applicants, though there are probably enough low paying jobs for out of staters as well
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If you can find a dishwasher that does not smoke dope, PROMOTE THEM!
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Dude, where's my job????
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Originally Posted by gobucks View Post
Dude, where's my job????
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Alyeska does test. I failed it back in 97 and ended up working at a fish cannery. it sucked, but I was toking up during break and had free delivery of northern lights' shag to my tent's front door!

but that was in the summer. don't think I'd quite be keen on slaying fish during the winter... my hands were numb as it was.

Mmmm... memories of jobs done while high. Mushroom tea was our breakroom's coffee. Honestly. then again, we were standing in blood for 16 hours a day. Something has got to take your mind off of that. Oh... and girls that really do smell like salmon.

Fish scales in their hair.

I now have the ability to throw a king salmon into the air and have it filleted by the time it hits the table... while stoned, of course.

dishwashing is for suckers... washing the blood-line of halibuts' spines while shoulder deep in rib-cages is where it's at.

WTF kind of ski bum are you?
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Great first post.
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i'm going to start living vicariously through Samurai.

dude slayed fish for a living.

now he resides in Japan with a geisha.


as for this quote: "Medical pot in California is abused. And violates federal law." It may "violate" federal law, but it doesn't violate state law.

the drug testing thing doesn't seem that out of place. i recall that Northstar once had a "no facial hair/no earrings on men" policy years ago. My buddy had to shave and ditch his earrings to work there. He later moved over to Alpine Meadows where no such restrictions were in effect. I've noticed now that the bulk of the Tahoe resorts allow facial hair, earrings, nose piercings and tattoos. I'm thinking that when they had the restrictions in place it drastically limited their potential work force.

on a slightly similar, though not really, note, I had a buddy in college who was a dishwasher/busboy at a local restaurant. he had earrings. the manager told him he had to take them out. He replied, if i have to take 'em out then the women who work here should have to take their's out, as well. Otherwise it's descrimination." He got to keep his earrings in.
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As long as the employer is fair and impartial, I think they should be able to tell an employee that they need to meet a certain "image standard". I've got no problem with that - anymore. When I was younger, I met have gotten a little boiled by it, but I'm through trying to portray myself as someone "really unique and special" through my appearance. Drug testing falls into the same category. If I was an employer, I would screen my employees regardless of the position, but that's because of my views on illicit drug use (as well as the experience I have had/seen), and if that's the choice you make, then so be it. I wish you well, and good luck in life, but I DON'T want you working for me as I would see you as a liability on many levels (yes - even a dishwasher). I wouldn't have Draconian standards, but there would be standards all the same.
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I don't have any problems with people that say they'd implement drug testing because they don't want to hire drug addicts, except that in my experience these programs are implemented in the most half-assed way possible.

An addict that knows about a pre-employment test will pass. If you do random testing and stick to your guns about it, you'll probably only find potheads. The people doing heroin, coke, meth, etc. will slip by unless you just happen to catch them nearly directly after a binge, they are very habitual users you don't need a drug test to detect, or you spend serious coin on your drug testing.

A much, much better plan is to simply fire anyone who gives you the drug user vibe. Cheaper, just as effective at removing sketchballs from your employ.
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This is all heresay from a former Alyeska employee, so take it for what it's worth:
The new owner's management had to cut operating costs, particularly payroll. There were a lot of people employed by the resort that had titles but no real job, making more money than they were worth. There were also a lot of employees that were "on the toke". Some of these people were "Girdweedians". They first instituted a policy of firing employees that had DUI/DWIs, and then they instituted the drug testing policy. Doing this served two goals. The first was to clear out some of the dead weight left over from the previous, absentee ownership. The next was to show investors and insurance companies that they were running a tight, safe ship.

I can't say I agree with the decision, since some valuable employees got the axe. However, this new owner has put serious capital into mountain (not condo) improvements, and his plan for development of the mountain looks pretty darn good from a skiers standpoint. True, they are making some decisions that go against local conventional wisdom, but so far it's been for the better.
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All True...I read about this last year.
From the Alyeska website:
All Resort employees are required to pass a pre-employment drug screen and periodic random testing is performed.

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Oh well... Just say no!!
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Marijuana kills.(a few brain cells)

Vodka.. kills. More. Everything.
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Originally Posted by Aquaman View Post
Vodka.. kills. More. Everything.
Yes, alcoholism is a far bigger danger to society and quite literally kills far more people. This has been established.

This doesn't make being a pot-addicted burnout loser somehow OK.
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Originally Posted by Garrett View Post
Yes, alcoholism is a far bigger danger to society and quite literally kills far more people. This has been established.

This doesn't make being a pot-addicted burnout loser somehow OK.
Ok, how about an occasional user. Who never fiends for it and only smokes it every 6 or 8 or 19 weeks, yet drinks Vodka every night. That would give this person the green light for the drinking, but if they smoked the herb a couple of weekends ago they're done.

I guess what I'm trying to say is not every marijuana user is a pot-addicted burnout loser and that it is a far less destructive drug than alcohol.

edit: but I guess you already acknowledged this fact above and this burn-out loser, vodka swilling alcoholic failed to see it.

2nd edit: I only smoke the herb every couple months or so, its the vodka that has me.
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Yes, I agree, and I realize that these sorts of drug screening tests are really most effective at finding pot users while missing all the alcoholics, meth addicts, etc.

I've worked for a few places that do "random screening" Total BS. Everyone would be better off if these employers would simply nut up and fire people who aren't doing their job competently or safely, or are clearly jacked up on something.

All this said, if you really only smoke pot once in a blue moon you have nothing to worry about. I've never been a lean dude, and I've passed a screening less than 48 hours after getting stoned off my ass.
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