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Where o'where to ski this year

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Looking for input from you Bears for our ski trips this year. Usually just drive to Mt's in Colorado as we have two children. One trip to Apsen as friends come out each year (but not this year) and one to another Colorado Mt. Over the last few years we have been to Telluride, Crested Butte, Steamboat, and Aspen. We also ski at WP/MJ, Copper, A-basin and Keystone during the year. This year we probable will have two trips, one in February and one in late March. Our five (and a half) year old will be in ski school for her third year and will do some blue runs with us as well. The little one will be with Grandma having fun off skis. So where should we go this year? The Feb trip will be a long weekend - five days maybe six including travel. The March trip is over spring break the last week of March.

Our friends who come out each year will not be in Colorado this year. They are planing a trip to JH the last two weeks of March. I am skeptical about the snow at JH that late given low elevation and s/se facing slopes. We had been thinking of Big Sky or Banff as possibilities for late March and maybe Wolf Creek for February.

My wife is a good skier, but needs a bit more confidence on steeper slopes. She likes blue bumps and black groomers or bumps that aren't too steep. Galdes only if very wide open. Need a good ski school for my 5.5 year old and some easier terrain so she can ski with Mom and Dad. Fun town for Grandma to spend time with the 2 year old. Good restaurants, family fun in town (ice skating, sledding, movies etc.) don't need any nightlife.

Thanks for your suggestions.
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If your going to drive, you can wait until the last minute to book lodging. So I don't think Jackson would be out of the question in March. It has everything your looking for, as would Taos.
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for Feb will prob drive to somewhere in Colorado (or NM), but in March prob won't drive. JH and Big Sky over 7 hour drive and with two kids that could be 6 hours of hell. If decide to go to Banff or somewhere in BC then will have to fly. Since I have only skied in Colorado and Utah, I really don't know the other mt's or towns. Doesn't JH get cooked by mid-day late in March? It's low and faces the sun I think. Late March would be too late for Taos, wouldn't it? Kicking Horse? what else?
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Jackson (at WY speeds) takes about the same amount of time as Tride.
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