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The big question: Why do you ski?

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Have not seen this directly asked or answered. Why do you ski? Obviously you like it, but why do you like it? Break it down to the basic elements about it that intrigue you.


1) I love snow, its clean, quiet, refreshing, and beautiful.
2) I have the adult athleticism thing going, my GF has even taken note of this and asked whats going on with me. All of a sudden I'm Joe-Jock-Outdoorsman.
3) Speed, few things give you such a sensation of speed like skiing fast.
4) Cool gear, can never have too much, the more techy it is the better.
5) Beautiful surroundings and scenery, snow capped mountains and trees.
6) Chance to get out to the country, lived in Queens NY my whole life.
7) Challenge, I try to catch everyone on the mountain even when not racing.
8) This 70's TV cozy ski lodge image that haunts my head! Yeah, Gen-Xer here with some unrealistically optimal views of how a ski lodge and its patrons should look and behave, tight pants, sweaters and scarves and all.
9) Dont want this to come off sounding snobby, but I like the exclusivity, not that I or others that ski are better than others, but that since not everyone skis, those that do are in the know as opposed to those that do not.
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1, 5 for me.
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It's a whole lot cheaper than racing cars for getting an adrenaline fix.
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I ski because it is fun.
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All of your reasons resonate with me. One other point for me is the light. Really, where I live it's so gloomy all winter that getting up into the snow gives me a light hit. All that white reflecting it toward me. I can feel it as soon as I get on the lift.
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Tons of reasons, of course the root of it is: It's Fun.

1. As a basic mode of transportation, it takes me to places I couldn't otherwise get to in the winter very easily.
2. Exercise
3. Spending time with friends. It's a great way to spend time with friends and family - when you're trapped on a chairlift together for 10 minutes you actually get to talk to someone without the (in)conveniences of modern lift interrupting.
4. When you stand on top of something steep as &@#*, look down and realize any fall is going to cause serious bodily harm, you end up with that pit in the bottom of your stomach. I love that feeling.

The next question for me would be, why would I choose to work in this industry? That one is a little simpler - I get to do all the above every day that I want.
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Closest thing to flying without buying an airplane.
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1. Because just simply making turns is incredibly fun & exhilarating

2. It's beautiful out there

3. It's a great way to hang out with friends

4. Because food, beer, & sleep after skiing are better than food, beer, & sleep any other time.
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Definitely 1 and 5. Other reasons are:

A) It's stress release
B) I love the feeling of floating in deep powder
C) It's exciting and fun
D) It's an adiction
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Lots of reasons.


It fills that spot in my soul where Jesus is supposed to be.

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Why do you ski?

How can you not !!!
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Mine's a lot more mandane than the majority: to combat cabin fever.

I need to get out of doors in the winter, and skiing is ONE of the things that I can do. Walking or running are boring, skiing is fun.

As for scenary? Well, what scenary? Not in the northeast anyway. That's the other reason of my going out west or to Europe to ski. In that context, skiing has become the "excuse" for doing some travelling during off-season when air fair to (some) popular places can be dirt cheap. And yes, the scenary (now, we're talking about snow-caped mountains)!
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Why do I love skiing?

  • I love the mountains. Hailing from the land-o-lakes, the mountains are just awe inspiring for me. I love traveling to different places (even not so distant from each other) and seeing the difference in the mountains.
  • The speed. Going 40 on my skis is more thrilling than going 140 in my car.
  • The challenge. A few years back when I started traveling west to ski I was very concerned about being able to avoid the bump runs. Then I started skiing them and….ya know… I sucked. Now I ski them everyday and I suck much less. Same with deep powder and steeps except I don’t get to ski those everyday so I’m quite a bit behind on those curves.
  • Friends. For me it’s not a good way to spend time with friend/family because I don’t have any that ski. It is, however, a great way to make new friends even if the relationship only lasts seven minutes.
  • Exercise. Not only is skiing a great workout, it gives me the motivation to get fit in the summer and fall.
  • It gives life meaning. To quote Bushwacker, “Without no, yes has no meaning.” Now I’m a fairly cautious person but when I’m at the top of a steep tree run, the thought that this could be my last stand on this planet is much closer to the front of my mind than it usually is.
  • I really like the previous answer that food, beer and sleep are much better after skiing than at other times. I could add a few activities to that list……like hot tubbing!
  • The destination. I would love to live in the mountains and one day I will. Until then I dig the feeling that there’s a place far away (in time and space) that I’m soooo looking forward to.
  • The trip. Kinda the same thing. I’d love the opportunity to walk out my back door and start hiking up a mountain but until then I do enjoy planning the trips, loading the car and motoring across the country or the countyside.
  • All of you!
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It's hard to pinpoint exactly all the reasons for me but I would say that the question, "Why do you ski?" is roughly the same as "Why do you breathe the air?". I can't imagine life without it.
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Others hate grey Winters, skiing gives me something to look forward to during a season others want to zoom by.
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Speed. Gs. Beer League. Cougers. Wachusett Country Ale.
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Originally Posted by GoldMember View Post
It's hard to pinpoint exactly all the reasons for me but I would say that the question, "Why do you ski?" is roughly the same as "Why do you breathe the air?". I can't imagine life without it.

Amen Brother.... preach it
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1, 3, 5, and what Bondo said.
As for scenary? Well, what scenary? Not in the northeast anyway.

Try leaving northern Jersey.

/also, try using the spelling facilities of your web browser. don't have any? www.getfirefox.com
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Originally Posted by bklyntrayc View Post
I ski because it is fun.
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Because I always thought the Snow Miser was better than the Heat Miser:

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of course i love the sparkling white snow, the beautiful mountains and mountain valleys and spectacular sunsets over the mountains(that beat a beach sunset anytime, but i've digressed).

what i really love, that i hadn't seen mentioned is the cold !

living in Texas, there are few places you can be where being hot and sweaty six months(plus) out of the year isn't mandatory.

i'm not kidding either. now, -20 and a blizzard will keep me inside; but 15 degrees and a light snow or sunshine beats 85 degrees any day of the week for me.

fortunately, i actually have some pretty decent family members around here and air conditioning that make Texas weather liveable.
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Because I can.

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1) Makes me feel good ... really good.
2) It is the only way I can enjoy winter.
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I like skiing.

What's with all the bagging on Winter? I love the cold, dark, grimness of Winter. My dream is to grimly freeze to death atop the evil, inverted frostmountain of Northern Norwegia while the Necroyetis howl underneath the grim frostbitten fullmoon. Hail Teh!
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I like the pain and expense.
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cause I'm **** at skipping rope, and sky diving is too tame:
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I think I had only been skiing once or twice before I got injured and finished up in a wheelchair, I loved skiing then, but now, now its a whole different story. Skiing is..................there are no words.

I have always been an active and outdoors type of person, I spent 7 months in hospital wondering how the hell I was going to get back in the mountains again and feel that freedom again. Before I even left hospital I had arranged to go skiing in Sweden for a week. And so it started.

Everyone knows the awesome feeling of freedom and speed you get when you ski. Well when you are normally 'stuck' in a wheelchair only able to go as fast and as far as your arms can push you, pretty much confined to flat, level, man-made ground, when a high curb or a set of steps may as well be Everest, the FKNA sense of freedom skiing brings is unbelievable.

Being back amongst the mountains again would be enough by itself, being able to carve down them and go pretty much wherever the hell I want is.......there are just no words for it. :
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Originally Posted by Bondo View Post
Lots of reasons.


It fills that spot in my soul where Jesus is supposed to be.

might have found a sig quote!!
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It's how I dance.
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skiing is sensational....

The physical sensations of skiing are unique and addictive, like junk: the intense read on advancing terrain, your balance and leg movements in turns, in turns at speed, skis bowing and the bliss of a powder float...the silence of deep woods, the hiss of a blizzard, the shock of freezing snow on the skin after a fall.....the blinding white on a sunny day....with lots of beer at the lodge when the replay of it all runs through your dreams....
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