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pre OTHD Speed Camp at Sun Peaks

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Alpine Masters Racers

International Racer invites you to consider a 2/3 week camp at Sun Peaks (The North American Home of the Austrian Ski Team) for masters racers, interested in pre training for the Over The Hill Downhill (OTHD) carnival at Silver Star mountain. The camp will run in parallel with our extensive FIS programs in Canada and Europe.
The OTHD in 2008 will be 8th to 10th February 2008 at Silver Star Mountain
We would run the pre camp from January 25th – February 7th 2008 (Two Week) or a (Three week) version from January 18th 2008, if there was sufficient interest.

Camp Fees Include*
* Alpine race training.
* Sun Peaks season lift pass
* Ground transportation To/From Kamloops airport (set days only)
* Accommodation with breakfast, lunch and dinner
* Report card
* Individual assessment meeting weekly.
* Daily video analysis of free skiing/gates progression
* "International Racer" apparel
* Dry land gym access pass (Spin, Weights, Pool)
* Camp DVD of training/race runs
* Afternoon dry land
* Our logistics and management of camp
* Transport van
* Access to tuning workspace
* Equipment tuning advice and assistance
* Timed runs for time and technique improvement feedback
* Hill lane space hire costs
* Coaches fees and costs

Full service camp, however, day training price can be arranged for participants with their own accomodation.

Sun Peaks management have offered to us excellent training lane options at Sun Peaks on various runs, so we are not restricted to one single area.
Training will include SL, GS and SG, skill/tactical elements; however, with preparation for the DH event, our coaches would ensure speed training was the priority.

If you want to be competitive for the OTHD and want to make skill/tactical changes with national team level experienced coaches, this will be the camp for you.

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Wish I could do this.
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