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Getting around Summit County without a car

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I'm planning to head to Colorado a few days prior to ESA-Aspen in order to acclimatize my East-coast lungs, and of course to maximize my chances of getting a powder day.

I'm planning on staying in Summit County with some fellow Bears in the Silverthorne area, who will probably have to work most of the time that I'm there. I'd prefer to do this without renting a car... What sort of shuttles are there to the Summit County ski areas? I'd like to get to Loveland and Vail (yes, I know Vail isn't in Summit County) for the Back Bowls. Maybe hit up some other area... Keystone's new bowls look enticing.

Just looking for some tips as to how to get around while I plan my itinerary.

If any Bears want to play tour guide during the week of January 13th (not sure when I'm getting there), let me know. :

Edit: I've heard there are shuttles from DIA to Summit County... The other kicker is getting from the Summit County area over to Aspen for ESA and then back to DIA after ESA is over.
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I'n not super familiar with Summit, so I don't know if theres good places to do this, but have you considered hitchhiking?

I grew up in Aspen and didn't have a car till I was 18. I hitchhiked EVERYWHERE, even where busses would take me, because it was usually faster, and you meant some super nice and interesting people.

I think its pretty safe in ski towns as well.
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CME to Summit County from DIA. Door to door or to the Transit Station. Summit Stage once there or hitchhiking. There is some kind of shuttle to Vail. The info was on another thread recently. The only shuttle to Loveland is the employee shuttle. Kinda hard to sneak on it. Hitchhiking is a possibility.

Craigslist is very useful in finding transport between ski towns.
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you could probably get summit taxi to take you to loveland, but i would think that ride isnt cheap. i'd think that if youre only going to be in summit county a few days, the summit stage and vail shuttle should give you plenty to ski, i'd skip loveland unless you have a free ride.

colorado mountain express may be willing to pick you up in silverthorne and take you to aspen if they use i-70 to go dia to aspen. i'm sure that you can get shuttles to dia from aspen, but it's about $100 for a one way shuttle from dia to silvethorne, so youre probably looking at least $200 in shuttles. if you also take into consideration your time lost waiting for shuttles, a rental may be cheaper; just my thoughts.
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Greyhound from Frisco transit station to Glenwood Springs, use RFTA to Aspen. (use Summit Stage to get to the transit station).
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DEN to Aspen, Transit Center $94 / hotel $112.

I think I would just buck up and rent a car.
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I'll be in Summit arriving on the 19th (Sat). I'm day tripping to Aspen on the 20th and will have a car. If that's the day you're going to Aspen I can get you there in time to ski and ski with you as well.

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You can get to Copper, Keystone and Breckenridge by bus. I do it all the time. There's always someone who is going to Loveland, and there are usually a bunch of folks going from Summit County to ESA Aspen.
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We don't have firm plans yet, but I may be able to give you a ride to ESA, depending on when we end up going and if there is room in the car (most likely there will be). There is a bus from Breck or Keystone to Vail; don't know the cost. There may be information on the Vail Resorts website or by calling their customer service 800 line.
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