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Winter Park help needed

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Have an opportunity to stay at a condo 10 minutes from the mountian and don't know much about the resort. Have skied most places out west this is not one of them. Questions, is there much of a base/town? What is the mountian like? I like steep groomers my wife likes some moguel runs. This would be over the xmas holiday so I know what crowds are like but is this place more crowded/less crowded than many other resorts?
Thanks for feedback.
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There is a base and it is in the process of rapidly expanding since Intrawest took over management from the City and County of Denver. It is still pretty small compared to what goes for a base area for the rest of Colorado. Winter Park is pretty small and doesn't really have a nightlife/ party scene. The rowdiest places in town are either The Pub or the Crooked Creek Saloon over in Fraser. Just tell the bus driver where you are headed to or looking for. If you want good food, go to The Shed.

You can find steep groomers but your wife will be in heaven over on Mary Jane. Winter Park is known as "the place" in Colorado for bump skiing. Some new trails are opening this winter so I can't speak for them. There is unbelievable tree skiing over at the Jane too.

Winter Park has about the same amount of traffic as other Front Range resorts over Xmas.
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Not much of a base right now but has everything you need, town is small but nice. It is my all time favorite resort though because of the skiing. Great snow, good amount of groomers, the Mary Jane side is the best bump mountain there it. Crowds will be there over Christmas but less than the I-70 resorts.
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The big problem might be skiing in the same general area - I would suggest the areas beneath the Zephyr lift on the Winter Park base. Balch and Bradley's Bash, Little Pierre and some others (depending on grooming) will have good bumps. Norwegian and parts of Hughs are steep (relatively) and normally groomed.
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Originally Posted by daysailer1 View Post
If you want good food, go to The Shed.
I've heard The Shed is no more. Sold to a developer talking about putting in a high rise with condos/parking/retail/restaurant. Too bad, WP quality dining opportunities are somewhat less than abundant. The new Thai take out place across the street from Crooked Creek is quite good... hope it's still there this season. Mirasol is decent for quasi Mexican. The Sushi Bar is pretty good, especially at happy hour. The Untamed (I think that's what it's called) seems to be trying but I've been less than enthusiastic about my meals there. I've heard good things about Devil's Thumb Ranch but never made it out there. It's a good ways away.

There are plenty of other restaurants that are acceptable but The Shed was the only place in town where I looked forward to creative, well executed, tasty food. Hopefully a place or five will step up to fill that void.

Bayview, I don't know what you're used to as far as "steep groomed" but Hughes and Lower Hughes are the only groomed runs that really approach steep. Sleeper over on Mary Jane side is a nice long groomer where you can get a good head of steam going if it's not crowded, but hardly steep.

If your wife is a bump freak though she'll be happy all day long
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