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Found a used DVD of Steep & Deep at Amazon for $4 shipped. Have heard it mentioned a lot, but have never seen it. Will get to it soon.

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Swift Silent Deep deserves a mention here. Great story telling about people and events that became far reaching in the industry.
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Sinners by Bill Heath


I also love Swift Silent Deep


Very good-

Superheroes of Stoke - MSP

One For The Road - TGR

Higher Ground - WM

The Way I See It - MSP


MSP may have made one of the best trailers I have ever seen. The reviews have kept me away from watching it. I may have to rent on itunes...




It just gets you f***ing fired up for the slopes!

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Downhill Racer.


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Best skiing clip on the internet. In your face, yet subtle. Good music. "A long long time ago I can still remember how that music (skiing?) used to make me smile..." 





Changed "(sking?)" to "(skiing?)."

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I'm not proud of these but.....


I like Ski School, Out Cold, and Winter Break.  They are all stupid movies but entertaining.

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I'll throw out Days of my Youth (MSP).




It cuts in Alan Watts audio which I really dug.  It plays pretty frequently if you have xfinity.  

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Maltese Flamingo
Hot Dog
Ski Patrol
Blizzard of Ahhs
Snowball Express
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Pretty Faces.

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Because it's swede

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