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What's your favorite run?? 1) High speed screamer. 2) Moguls. 3) Flo - Page 2

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You know it really depends on my mood and what kind of day it is. Somedays i like doing a lot of bump runs. Others spending most of the time on fast groomers. Other days glads and steeps are the best. There are times when making perfect turns on a Green or Blue run can be a lot of fun. But if I had only one to choice. It would be boot top to mid calf, vary light and vary dry Utah Powder. Theres nothing like slipping into a wide open bowl with well spaced trees and 6 to 8 of fresh snow. Add blue skys, temps in the mid 20's and a couple of friends and you have the makings of a perfect day.
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Love it all but I think that my single best run was last run down at the end of a powder day in Trois Vallee. A foot of cold, light powder - unusual for Europe.

A lift had opened late and we got to the top of a chute (Meribel Couloir for those who know it) as the sun was dropping below the peaks over Val Thorens way, a thermal was carrying a little really fine cold powder up the chute and it was glinting in the setting sun. We'd skied hard all day but, hey, a man's gotta do...

I can still picture the scene from the top really clearly.

Back to work....
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A 40 degree bump run with 24" of fluff that ends up in nicely spaced evergreen trees that ends up in a big powder bowl that filters into a tight chute that ends up in tight aspen trees that ends up onto a wide 25 degree groomed run that ends up at a bar where I can enjoy a hot chocolat with RumpleMinze and talk about it with some friends.
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Originally posted by slider:
Steep,Deep and Cheap.
You just gave the definition of the Andes in winter.
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1) A high speed screamer

can't remember the name, it's at Snowbowl

2) Something over 40 degrees

dunno, don't normally use a protractor/clinometer.

maybe Big Horn or Elephants Graveyard at Big Mtn?

3) Mogul run

Angel Face at Snowbowl [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

Spartan Headwall at Snowbowl

4) Wide groomed cruising run

most any area has plenty of these

5) Beginners run

the big long corkscrew runs at Vail

6) Powder run (If powder, how much: 6-12"; 12-18"; 18-24"; 24-36"; over 36")

early runs on Chair 4 terrain at Lost Trail

7) Glade/Tree run

Hellroaring Basin at Big Mtn

8) Cliffs

not my bag, baby
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It's a tossup between #4 and #6 (6-12"). Does anyone else all of the sudden feel the urge to order chinese after answering this question? [img]graemlins/angel.gif[/img]

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Oh, sure. An hour later, and you're hungry again. I'll take the Kung Pao Chicken with white rice.

Best: When the snow is good, anything at Smugglers Notch, but preferably the glades and the ungroomed blacks - well, you can't really call them all "mogul" runs, they're just so irregular.

When the "snow" is porcelain, I want to play tennis somewhere else.
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Um, well...I like to pitch off cornices best. I don't see that on your list.
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10. Other... (part of 6&7)

Not so simple. All powder isn't equal by a long ways, neither are bumps nor most of the selections. This requires a recipe.

The average Little Cottonwood Canyon powder is supposedly on average 8% water content. So lets say sub 6% water content fluff. A fresh storm average depth 24 inch which means deeper in fill areas. Fell without much wind. A long long pitch of variable changing density glades between 30% and 60% grade with rolls, drops, and terraces. Trees all looking like frosted works of art. About 10am blue sky sunny 28 degrees. No tracks.

After several windy days of wind blowing powder on a big steep ridge line slope depositing smooth buffed layer. (ala Dave's Run at Mammoth at its best)

Mid winter Saturday afternoon at any big western advanced mountain. Down a long bump run maybe of a modest 35 to 50% grades made up of moderate sized bumps after cold dry mid winter packed powder has been blowing around awhile and the big Saturday crowd of advanced skiers has mined it all up to just the right consistency and looseness. (ala best Maryjane runs)

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Having to answer this question reminds me of "Sopihie's Choice".
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Any run I walk (ski) back to the lift is a good one! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I like them all, except if I ski bumps, they have to be nice ones. I hate the ones that are deformed, and the sizo of Volks Beatles, with no real lines. But I think I like steep powder and not so steep corduroy the best. Cliffs are fun, but I don't like them when they're too sketch, like trees in the landing. And the park's always fun, even if I'm not amazing.
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