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The North Face refund thread reminded me of a good experience I had with another brand.

So, what 'above and beyond' customer service have you received from a manufacturer that gives them 5 stars in your book?


Timberland Boots, had a pair of boots that I used and abused for 3 years. Since I really didnt do much walking in them, the soles were in very good shape, but apparently I must have spilled something caustic on the leather (maybe battery acid?) causing it to dry and and crack open, thereby ruining the boot. I remember reading that their boots have a lifetime warrantly so I figured what the heck let me give it a try. Called customer service, told them the boots were falling apart they told me the send them in, no questions no receipt and I got a brand new, current year (and improved) pair of boots in thr mail.

They may cost a bit more than other construction type boots, but they are well worth it Highly recommended (as far as work-boots).

Gargoyles Sunglasses: Broke two pairs in half, sent them in, they sent me a new pair every time no questions.

Vaurnet Sunglasses: Lenses got scatched by the sunglass arms, sent the glasses in, came back with brand new lenses, no charge. Broke one pair of sunglases and they replaced the French made and discontinued frames for only $20.

We might even keep a list of these manufacturers as future reference...just an idea.
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A vote for REI, once returned a pair of new skis that I kept for two years (!@$!) and they gave me a full refund, no hassle. Must have eaten a fair amount on that transaction...

Also Maui Jim, who will do all sorts of amazing rehabs for old/beloved sunglasses while other brands (think Oakley) just suggest looking at the new models.

Also Marker, even though most people here hate them, because their tech guys go way beyond the call of duty to explain mounting issues, give you tips on nonconventional apps.
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