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AC 4 Length questions

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I am 5'10 195 lbs and ski mostly at Santa FE and Taos in NM. I am an agressive level 7. I currently have Fischer RC4 WC SC @ 165 for carving fun and 06 Volkl AC 4 @ 170 for all mountian with a new pair of Fischer Watea 101 @192 for powder.
I have found the AC 4s to be a fun all round ski for everything but powder over 8 or so inches and I now have the Wateas for that.
My question is now that I have the deep stuff covered what benifit besides high speed stability would a longer 177 to 185 midfat give me over the 170s for all mountian skiing?
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The longer AC40 will lighten your wallet, this will help keep your Center of Mass forward keeping you out of the backseat...unless you keep your wallet in a Napolean pocket in your jacket.

Seriously, the longer length will be better at higher speed and a bit smoother in cut-up snow, but you have the 170 and say you like it, so why change?
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I've skied the AC4 in both 170 and 177. 170 feels like a fat carver, 177 feels more like a fat GS, but frankly didn't notice as much diffence in high speed stability as I'd expected. 170 is better in bumps/trees, 177 is better in crud. Nothing there that would justify switching unless you are really unhappy with your 170. In which case I'd think more about another brand.
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