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any bmx'ers?

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is there any other bikers on here that uses 20" kids bike to get around the city, and hit up some street ledges/banks/parks/rails/anything that's fun?
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I still own and gaurd my 1985 vintage Redline RL-20II. I have been monitoring the whole oldschool BMX thing, never thought that these bikes would be worth money! So, that being said, the bike I have is one of the most valuable BMX bikes ever, and mine is in excellent condition and as well equipped as can be, so its too valuable for me to go thrashing. I have not ridden it in about 3 years now, but intend to; plan on tearing it down and giving it a real good cleaning and lube refreshening.

I just cant handle the hard plastic seat anymore...I dont now how I did it for 8hrs/day when I was a kid (then again there was much less weight on that seat back then).

My brother sold his very rare, late eighties, Kuwahara Exhibitionist Freestyler earlier this year to a collector in Indonesia. He got about $1200 for the bike. He was sad to let it go, but it was just sitting around collecting dust; these bikes are big part of our youth.
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