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wind speed

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I'm trying to get a feel for wind speed reported in weather forecasts. it would sometimes help me decide whether to go to a better-sheltered resort if it is too windy and there is the possibility of wind-hold or poor visibility. What constitutes 'windy' conditions to the point where lifts may be put on hold, etc. 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 mph? :
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If you are skiing a big mountain, the winds could vary significantly from bottom to top. I suggest you call ahead to get more accurate information as to when the area may close the lifts. If the winds are sustained at 30 mph or greater with gusts going to 45 mph, the wind chills could be quite severe.

Personally, 20mph or less with gusts to a max 25mph is more comfortable. To find more extreem conditions or new powder may require a commitment to being able to endure more adverse weather conditions.

Frankly, anything approaching sustained winds of 40 mph or greater, one has to wonder how safe it is to operate certain lifts or trams.
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The Beaufort Wind Scale may help you get some feel for the wind speed vs. human perception. Try:

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depends on wind direction vs lift...

Across lift line is NOT so good....
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