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159cm freestyle skis

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hey, well i'm new to this site, and kinda new to skiing. ok, well i'm thinking of getting k2 silencer, 06/07 version, and i'm just wondering if that'll be too big for me? i'm only 5'2", and suppose to use around 149-154cm or something so can someone tell me if the 159cm silencer will be alright, or should i buy the solomon teneighty flyer 06/07 151cm skis? thanks.
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Welcome! Both nice skis, could you tell us what you weigh, where you ski, and what sort of skiing you do/want to do? That would help in any recommendation.
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ok, well i'm all mountain/freeride but i'm really looking into doing some freestyle ride. i still like all mountain and freeride though. i also do powder and groomed. my weight is 110 right now, but i usually add some more pounds in the winter, like 10-15, for some odd apparent reason.
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What you need is a Karma !

(just kiddin')
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oh and just to add in here. i'm 16, going on 17 in may. just so you all think i'm a crazy 12 year old with money, i'm not. i'mma teen working hard in a bike/bmx shop to save up some money for some ski's that i won't be trashing.
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OK, I'm not a freestyle guy, but from what I hear/read, the 1080 will be a lot more versatile, better outside the park than the Silencer. Remember that twins ski short; if you're aggressive, even at 110, you can easily go into the 160's. The 06-07 Scratch Sprayer FS in 168 would work for you since it's designed for lighter skiers, and a lot of people like the 06-07 Line Chronic (157 or 167 for you; more pure park), or Chronic Blend 165 (more all mountain FS with park capacilities); Lines tend to be reasonable to begin with and last year's are dirt cheap. Google them or look on eBay.
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thanks man, i'll definitely look into those.
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1080s do not have a stellar reputation for durability.
In France, in the "all moutain - freestyle" category (I read this as "freestyle that do not suck outside the park") the Scott P3s (on the siffer but wider side), Dynastar Get 'n trouble (on the narrower side) and Scratch (on the... rossi side) lead the pack. The Head Mojo 80 (rather stiff / skinny) gets rave reviews, but I never met someone who skied it.
All those skis are wood core.
FWIW, I'm not into freestyle either. Second hand info then.

If you're willing to ski powder, why not upgrade to something wider, a freestyle BC, around 90mm ? Scratch BC ("Girl", if you're a light weight) comes to mind. They still should be fun on the groomers and better in the pow. I can vouch for the Dynastar BigTrouble competence as a carver, for instance.
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ok, well there's this wicked ass deal on a rossignol scratch sprayer fs 06/07 at my shop. they only have the 168cm though, nothing smaller. will that be ok for a guy around 5'1", and weighing 110? i was thinking that it might be a bit too big.
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AFAIK sprayer = pre WRS Scratch. Good ski. On the skinny side, simple but tough. Skinny so average in the pow. Good on the groomer.
That's a cheap ski but well built. Much better than real cheapos twins like the Dogen.
168 sounds long for 5'1" and 120lbs. If you're new to skiing, it may be a tad long even though twin tips ski short. And the Sprayer is not that soft.
If you can score a killer deal, go for it. If that doesn't work out, you'll sell it. But do not over spend. In France, a '07 Sprayer in october should cost 180 / 200E max.
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Take a look at this..............

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Jim, I'm sure you know your stuff, but I heard a lot of bad things about the Dogen (ski like ****, poorly built, broken skis...). And it was really cheaper than a sprayer in yurp (like 200$ less). Are the new models better ?
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Dogen at his weight would be good. not sure about the length. 168 would seem about right - twin tip 168.
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Originally Posted by philippeR View Post
Jim, I'm sure you know your stuff, but I heard a lot of bad things about the Dogen (ski like ****, poorly built, broken skis...). And it was really cheaper than a sprayer in yurp (like 200$ less). Are the new models better ?

The Dogen is the same ski as the old Public Enemy. While folks that throw big in the park can bust about anything, I don't hear any more issues from the Dogen vs. anything else and I'd say I have sold about 100 or pr. over the last year. I do suggest the Dogen (or similar) to lighter skiers. The Dogen is not a ski for the gnarliest dudes but IMO neither are the Scratch.

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I am 20 and very similar height and build to you and looking for a freestyle ski aswell . . i have been looking at the rossignol blast 07/08 but i cant seem to find any reviews anywhere? would this be any good?
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i had a pair of flyers and they ran really well in the powder and groomers im not to into the whole park scene but of the few rails i did do they ran were rad so i would buy the 1080s i liked em but they are a little narrow although the silencer is to
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