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Gearhead or Triphead?

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Are you a gearhead or a triphead?

In another life, I worked in the outdoor gear business. We sometimes had people buying gear to do Everest, and sometimes buying gear, well, to buy gear. Not that there's anything wrong with that. But it got me to thinking. Seems to me there are a lot more gearheads on this forum than people who get around and ski a lot of cool places.

First of all, am I right about that? And second, if so, why? My guess is that life -- work, family, etc. -- intrudes on what we all want to do, which is ski the world. And some of us compensate by buying a lot of gear. Hell, I'll bet there are some of us who've got more pairs of skis than ski days in a given season. As for myself, no, but I can say the number of pairs of skis I own (4 right now) is more than the number of resorts where I skied last year (just 2, not counting catskiing).

So, which one are you, and why?
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We definitely have plenty of both. Bob Peters, for example, is a triphead (and a gearhead) and has skied 120 consecutive months.

It's a bit easier to to be a gearhead than triphead. Buying gear requires cash, while being a triphead requires even more cash and it also requires time. Time is even more scarce & precious IMO.

Ultimately its more rewarding to be a triphead. I pulled off a number of good (if brief) trips to some great locations last year and met several Bears along the way. I'm hoping to do more of the same this winter.

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I'm a gearhead AND a triphead. I can only finagle one trip out West each year, but it's a good one (to Big Sky when my hubby takes the Wilderness Medicine Conference) and this year I'm also going to ESA Stowe. My "trips" are mostly day trips -- mid-week to Stratton and Okemo. I shut down my office 1 day each week to make that happen. Weekends I take my kids to Berkshire East for more day trips and low key skiing/riding and family time. I own 4 pair of skis, 2 different pair of Volkls for various conditions (1 softer pair for Western snow), Solomon twin tips for the park, and Solomon twin tip powder skis for my annual trip to Big Sky (for powder and the park) as there are very few women's performance ski rentals at that resort.

That said, as a self-employed professional, I agree that time is a more precious commodity than money, that those of us with financial resources are usually short on time due to the commitment to earn those resources, and that I suspect there are a lot of younger, and sometimes not so young folks who make the time commitment to ski 75+ days a season (or year round) and are generally pretty short on money. It's all good. As long as it snows!

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As one of my friends once said to me, "So where are you going this weekend?"

I try and explain that it's just a short 3-hour drive to the Catskills or a 7 hour drive to the Daks or an 8 hour drive to West virginia and the same time drive to New Hampshire, but she just doesn't get it.

I guess I'm a triphead, though my gear basement is pretty packed. I was a gearhead a few years ago, now I'm stocked up and I can spend all my money on trips (or stupid wedding stuff, but trips are soooo much more fun!)

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Confessions of a triphead,

money: check long weekend: check power wedge: check.

I can do Alta and Snowbird on the same pass. I should do Deer Valley, do I need a whole day for that?

Edit: wanna see slides of the power wedge when we did Cortina?
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I have to agree - the endless discussion about gear here is really amusing. Who cares what skis are "in" this year. While I have a boatload of skis, it's more because I don't get rid of old ones.

As far as triphead goes - do you mean trip as in travelling far and wide, or as in getting up in the mountains?

Last year I skied 56 days in the Cascades and 2 days in the Coast range. I don't need to go to Utah or Tahoe to find new lines when I have hundreds of mountains right out the door...I have been to those places and would like to return. When it comes down to it, though I'd rather spend my time and money getting into the mountains than flying around and buying lift tickets or another pair of skis.

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Gearhead: too many skis
Triphead (during 06/07): Snowbird/Alta, Snowmass, Beaver Creek, Stratton, Mt. Snow, Mad River Glen, Lake Louise, Sunshine Village & Mt. Bachelor

Guilty on both counts, your Honor!

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Originally Posted by Harry_Morgan View Post
When it comes down to it, I'd rather spend my time and money getting into the mountains than flying around and buying lift tickets or another pair of skis.
I hear that. One of the reasons my season has less variety than I'd like. Ultimately, I prefer to ski more days, for example where I've got a pass, than fewer days at more places. Still, in a perfect world, I'd ski a new mountain every couple weeks or so. There are a lot of good ones over here I haven't tried yet.
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But I am restricted due to money.

I love gear, but I also love an adventure, a trip no matter what the reason, usually the further the better.

But it is easier and usually cheaper to buy gear than to go on a ski trip. So I think I do compensate a bit. I itch to ski, since I cant right now, then I go to the ski shop or online and look for one more ski thing that I can add to the collection to scratch that itch for the meantime.
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Have a substantial gear fetish that I justify (partially) by saying that the kids'll be able to use it. There's no chnce we could ever use all the goggles / helmets / etc SAC's delivered this year. Usually trying to decide what skis to pack is the biggest dilemma - big - bigger - biggest?

Trips are pretty well arranged for the forth coming season. I bought 10 CT Ski Council discount tickets for VT, and (so far) 6 airplane tickets for Western trips from Dec to April, although I try to arrange around business travel, having customers in Alberta (Banff), Vancouver (WB) and San Francisco (Tahoe), and SLC being a hub I go through often.
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Most owners of over-sized quivers buy cheap, use for a while and resell.

Often the net cost of a ski is about the same as a 2 day demo.

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Sorry, don't fit the "standard".

I've got ONLY two pairs of skis and usually do more than one trip by plane per year, plus many weekends by car. But living so far away from reliable snow, I don't get the mega number of days as those who live in SLC or Burlington. Instead of compensating by buying more gear, I compensate by doing longer trips to places with good snow and terrain.

So, I'm more of a trip head.

I'm self-employed. So I can take more vacation than the average. I still have to work to make a living, though. But I don't do trips in the summer if I can help it. So all my vacation time are in the winter. There're actually more holidays in winter than in summer, if you start to count.

I just don't get the kind of thrill buying gears as most others here do. So I only buy what I think I'll use. When in doubt, I demo.

Perhaps a better definition is the number of ski days/pairs of skis? So those who ski 100+ days can justify having 10 pairs of skis!
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Gearhead. More boards owned than days skied last year. I have none of the latest greatest alpine ski equipment so loved here at Epic, but I would not trade my toys for any quiver I've seen posted by the other gearheads here. I would trade my itinerary with any of them. Not that the 4 days in tele clinics at Whitetail and 2 days skiing/snowboarding with my 9 yr old niece weren't great times. I wouldn't trade the days with my niece for anything, but I would enjoy an epic trip more than once every two or three years.
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I'll admit to being both. I procure my share of gear in the warmer months, but what's the gear without the time to tear it up?

Gear intrigues me and I just love it when a new long skinny cardboard box appears on my doorstep, but my real passion is getting out on the road and getting up on a mountain.

I kinda lucked into my current employment situation but long ago I made the decision to give up the chase for the max dollar and settle on a comfortable living with the emphasis on the living. That decision led to me lucking out and getting a position with mega benefits including plenty of time off.

Now, just three more months and I'll start taking some of that time
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Triphead for sure.

Only once in my life have I had more than one pair of ski's at the same time and I soon realized I liked the new ones better and wouldn't be using the new ones from last year anymore. Sold them post haste.

I've got 35 days on snow scheduled this year (most ever) and only four are scheduled in the east. Using all that vacation this year will cut back next years plans, but I decided to go for it.

I also like trying new places when I can although if I lived near many ski areas I'm sure I'd have one or two favorites.
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I used to be a triphead when I was 19-22. Back then the term was "acidhead".

I never understood the mentality behind the gearwhore. I have a fair amount of gear, but it's all worn in and beat up because I ski a whole bunch. Some of the quiver pix here with 10 pair of skis all lined up like they've never seen snow just slay me.
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Definitely a triphead. I do more trips per season than I've owned pairs of skis in my life...and I've been skiing almost 20 years. And I spend way too much time scouring the net planning/dreaming of trips rather than researching/buying gear.
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Having alot of gear can be a beautiful thing.

But what good is having it if you don't get to go out and get it all banged up?
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Dang girl, you're way too organized. I just know my carabiners are under the bed. Or are they in the closet?
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Post number 400

Triphead. Just bought a second set of skis for powder and most of my gear is four or five years old. On the other hand I've been averaging about 50 days a year for the last three years and I'm looking forward to at least four or five major trips this year (I don't count the day trips or two days in the Banff area since it's really only a short drive). :
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Originally Posted by prickly View Post
I hear that. One of the reasons my season has less variety than I'd like. Ultimately, I prefer to ski more days, for example where I've got a pass, than fewer days at more places. Still, in a perfect world, I'd ski a new mountain every couple weeks or so. There are a lot of good ones over here I haven't tried yet.
I hear you there, I live close to skiing, so why spend money on traveling far away to do somthing which I can do 30 min. away? Oh yeah, meeting up with Bears has been the only reason so far, but I think they ought to come to me, if they only knew.

Edit: Oh yeah, I definately fall in the gearhead category, but I don't let ski purchases interfere with frequency of slope time.
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Do I really need to answer?
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The real question is, who is the Philpug on the Triphead side?
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Guess I'm more of gearhead. Usually financed by buying low, using said gear then reselling for close to or more the original price. (got to love ebay for selling things high). Besides Im in Utah and don't need to travel to get the best.
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