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How long for Salomon 1080s?

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Got a lead on some 171cm Salomon 1080s for some mixed piste and groomed 'cement'. I stand 5'10" when the wind isn't blowing... and about 175# before the holidays! Considering some 912Ti or 914PowerAxe with these also. Thanks.
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Sounds about right. I ski my narrow twins (Dumonts at the moment) around the same height as me or a little shorter. I'm 166 cm, so I round down to the 161's.

You're about 177cm so 171 will be fine.

Fun skis.
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I'm 5'11" or 6' depending on the day (about 180-185#)and ski the Rossi Scratch BC & FS in a 178 & 174 respectively. I have a feeling I'll wish they were alittle longer when I go out west, but since I ski 80% of the time in MN, they're great. I would have gotten the Foil and Gun if I hadn't got such great deals on the Rossis.

As far as the bindings, I'd go with something wothout any kind of plate, so stay away from the Axe. I haven't found the added height to matter at all on wider skis like that, and I like the "feel" of the skis with no stack more and more.
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As long as you're not really jibbing go 181, they ski very short due to the TT. And consider going back 3-4 cm from the mounting line then, works much better when used as an all-mountain ski.

Me 5'10'', 170 lbs., had a pair of older 181s which I passed on to my kid now.
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Good point. I have mine mounted at the "rear line" - the freeskiing line. If you're going to be using them in the park, mount them forward.

Actually, on my FS's, I hosed up the mount and ended up mounting them between the 2 lines. It definitely effects the way the turn, but after a run or so, you find the sweet spot and can adjust accordingly. I love it. They are effortless to get in and out of turns. I finally go into moguls now!! Probably because they are SO easy to release from a turn.
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If I adjust the heel piece for a longer boot sole will it essentially be the same as the rear mount in terms of shovel rise and workability in heavy snow?
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Kinda, but not really. It really depends on where your midsole line on your boots line up. Maybe you'll get lucky!
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