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Maybe cancel jackson

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Maybe some of you remember my post from a few months back where i was debating whether to go to jackson hole or alta/snowbird for two weeks at the end of jan. Well, after hearing that the tram is out of order in jackson, my mates are thinking we could reconsider and book alta/snowbird instead. I was pumped to stay at the teton mountain lodge not to mention ski the sickest terrain in the US(according to many of you)but we are just not sure how restricted the trams decommissioning will be. Should we save jackson for when the tram is on-line?? We are coming from Oz, so we want to make sure its the right time to fly half way round the world to ski jackson.

Any comments?

Many thanks.
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I think youcan still have the time of your life. Tram or no tram. I don't know how that ountain skis now without the tram, but a lot of your time is spent lappin on chairs anyway. Some spots may be better without the tram. The Hobacks for one I'd expect would have less traffic and would last longer. Bob Peters will chime in soon and give us his take though. Anyway, if it were me, I wouldn't let te loss of the tram deter me.
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if you have two weeks why would you want to spend it in one place. 2 wks and Jackson is only a couple(5) hours drive up the road from SLC. You can have the time of your life. Spend 5 days in Jackson, FOR SURE!, ski J hole 3-4 days and 1-2 days at. Grand Targhee. Then after 6 days of skiing in the "american west", (can be found a few miles outside of town), drive down to Salt Lake and ski a different resort each day for the rest of your trip.

Better yet, you will fly into Salt Lake, ski there for 3-4 days, then up to Jackson for 6 days. then wrap it up again in Salt Lake for a couple more days. THis is a trip of a lifetime and for sure(very almost), you will ski some nice powder. any questions or fine tuning, ask away!
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Because 2 weeks in Jackson is like a lifetime anywhere else.

Go to Jackson Hole.
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Don't over-analyze it. As others have noted, a split between Alta/Snowbird (any set of SLC areas really) and JH/Targhee will kill it. Tram or no Tram.

If they are skiing well, the Hobacks and the lower faces alone can deliver more good skiing than you can imagine. Then there's the rest of the mountain... And if they are having just an "average" year at Targhee, that's probably worth a couple full days of your time as well.
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Combine the trips as suggested above. Also, starting and ending in Salt Lake will most likely reduce your airfares by at least $200 each. That easily justifies the expense of a rental car and gas to drive around and chase the powder.
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yeah good point. It's nice to have some flexibility to chase storms if you can and go where the fresh is by renting a car. I dunno how realistic this is for planning lodging though but it sounds like a great idea
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A few years ago I did a 12 day trip, starting in Utah (Park City for lodging). Skiied Park City, 2 days at the Canyons, Alta and Snowbird. Then we traveled (5 hours as stated before) to Jackson Hole. The drive alone once in Wyoming was great. We arrived to high winds and lots of snow (pass to Targhee was closed quite often for snow control). First fill day there we ended up snowshoeing in the Park to the base of the mountains (great time). Then when the mountain opened we hit JH for 2 days, we were hoping to ski more but a couple of us got sick. So we took it easy, then drove back to Salt Lake. It was a lot of fun. I still want to do a JH and GT trip but waiting for the back to get better.

If you do Utah make sure to do the ski utah backcountry trip (skiing only last time I heard). With good snow it is a great day!\

Good luck deciding
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Originally Posted by Fint View Post

I was pumped to stay at the teton mountain lodge not to mention ski the sickest terrain in the US(according to many of you)
Any comments?

Many thanks.

Yes, 1 comment. JHMR doesn't have the "sickest terrain in the U.S."
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posting for the entertainment
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Sorry mate, you got it all wrong.

There isn't a single "best" resort in the grand continent of America! Jackson Hole is ONE of the best. Alta/Snorbird is another. There're still Squaw, Mommoth, etc. Either you flip a coin and stick with one. Or do as suggested, a road trip.

Either way, you'll not be disappointed. Either way, you would want to come back to try some other places.

So in short, you're WAY over-analyzing it.
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Jackson Hole might not have the best snow, or the most consistant snow, it doesn't have the most diverse terrain or the best grooming or snowmaking, does have the sickest terrain that is easily accessed by lifts in the United States of America.
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I'll chime in but I don't think my answer is going to help much.

Re: "Sickest terrain in America"... let's just say "among" the sickest. There's plenty of stuff at Snowbird, some at Alta, some at Solitude (and quite a bit at one you didn't mention, Snowbasin) that'll rival anything we've got. And that's not even mentioning any other states. We have some great terrain, let's leave it at that.

Re: "No tram"...

I've decided I can't win on making recommendations for this winter. PERSONALLY, I really, really enjoyed the way the mountain skied last winter without the tram hauling public skiers. The new East Ridge chair siphoned off lots of skiers who wanted to stay up on Rendezvous Bowl, and that seemed to leave lots of areas of the Hobacks and the Lower Faces far less traveled. I liked it, so it wouldn't hurt my feelings if they get behind schedule on the new tram and ANOTHER season goes by without it.

That said, the ski patrol was able to use the tram for early morning snow control last winter. That meant they could do avalanche control pretty much as always.

THIS winter there is no tram, period. That means snow control is going to be much more of a challenge than in the last 40 years. If we get a BIG snow year (fingers crossed), there are going to be days when the patrol is going to really struggle to open the Rendezvous Bowl/Cheyenne Bowl/Hobacks areas in as timely a fashion as they have in the past. That would mean that on big powder days, our mountain would open in a much more stepped fashion, a lot like Snowbird and Alta do. The patrol will control some areas and open those chairs while they move on to open the harder-to-reach areas.

What's that mean for this winter? I don't know. I *suspect* that it means if we have tons of snow this winter there will be times when big parts of the mountain can't open before noon. Is that a disaster? Not to me because there's so much great skiing on this mountain that I can go lots of other places.

Does it mean that somebody who's not familiar with the terrain and the lift layout might experience significant frustration on a few days this winter? Maybe.

So, I'm not ENcouraging skiers to come to Jackson this winter, but I personally don't think there's any very legitimate reason NOT to come here either.

How's that for being firmly planted on the fence?
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Originally Posted by bunion View Post
Yes, 1 comment. JHMR doesn't have the "sickest terrain in the U.S."
It's about the sickest I've seen.... PLEASE point me in the direction of someplace better!!! I'm IN!
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Originally Posted by U.P. Racer View Post
It's about the sickest I've seen.... PLEASE point me in the direction of someplace better!!! I'm IN!
mmm, more :
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