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This thread has answered my question: which ski to complement my gots for my 2 ski quiver, replacing my old pocket rockets. It actually is a 3-ski quiver, but I never want to take out my 68mm carver anymore.
Sounds like the mythic rider's the one!
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Originally Posted by JayPowHound View Post
Wondering if anyone has skied the mythic in both 178 and 184? I'm 5'7 150 and most of my current skis are in the low 170's range (going all the way down to a Rossi Z9 162!) I'm planning on getting a set of MR's sometime this spring, and I know that I want something significantly longer than I have now for more stability at speed and through crud. I had been planning on getting the 184, but after reading SJ's comments and stats I'm wondering if the 178 will be enough. Any thoughts? Again, I'm 5'7, 150. I like to ski fast and aggressive, and will use this ski for mostly east coast steeps, drops, chopped up snow, high speed carving through crud, etc.
One of the guys (6' 1'' 160, expert 8-9) I ski with has the 178 that I took out for 1 run. He thought I should go with the 184 (I'm 6' 3'' 190, advanced-expert 8)...I think the 184 was too much ski for me whereas the 178 felt ok for the one run.

Mythic does not float as well as the 186 BT in the limited skiing I did on both, but the 178 Mythic seemed a bit more nimble/less bulky on groomers. I might have to try the 178 again, but I would go with the BT if I had to make a choice now as I had a lot of fun on it...
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BT = Big Trouble?

It was my understanding that this is more of a park ski (softer) which is why I haven't considered it. Is this accurate? How does the BT hold up at high speeds through choppy snow? Is it stiff enough to stay stable and blast through anything that gets in it's way? I know a couple people who ski them, maybe I should ask them....
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The BT is a full twin shape but unlike many twips, is about medium in the tip. It is roughly medium soft in the the tail but is quite firm underfoot. The BT punches crud better than most twips and holds very well underfoot. Naturally the softer tail gives up something on groomers but everything gives up something somewhere.

It is not as directionally stable as the MR but it is easier going.

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