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old bears & beaver

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Any way to post the logo "Bears of Yore" & "The Beaver" .... not the Jerry Mathers one ... but the ol' beaver?

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I'm all for it. Send a PM to AC cause I think he might be the only one who has it. As a relative newbie, I have now idea what you are talking about.
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PM sent to AC.

I liked the paunchy (beer gut) Bear with the Christmas tree most.

I believe there was an original Barking Beaver that was canned cause the ... well ... you know .... wimmens started joining and ...
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AC will start searching some of the old hard drives.

He did ask me to remind him in a bit since he's jammed up .....

Soooooooooooooooo .... who will remind me to remind him ...

at least I can use the excuse that I came another step closer to the big "60" yesterday, I use that quite a bit now.

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I'll remind you----if I remember
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If you remember your sixty you probably weren't there......what, I think I got that wrong.
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Yuki, remember to talk to AC.
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I have been here for a while, don't remember being a beaver.
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"The Beaver" made an exit just prior to our arrival in 2000.

I remember one pic of the critter along side of a gnawed tree.

Correct me if I'm wrong but the "Founding Beavers" .. Pierre-eh, Lars, may recall a few of those bring back the beaver posts.

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