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Need Some Advice!

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Hi there,

I have been reading reviews on this site over the last few months and finally decided to throw mine onto the pile!

I live in England and have been skiing for 15yrs or so mostly in europe with a trip to the states every 2 or 3. Over the past 5 I have had about 20-30 days on snow.....work seems to get in the way!
I have been skiing Rossy B2's for the last few years and for 50/50 pisted to off piste and think that they are fantastic, however its time for a new arrow for the quiver. Next year Im spending a month or so in the states, half at Sunday River in Maine and the rest in my home from home....Squaw

Im looking at a fat off-piste ski that I can get away with on the groomers.
80% off. Id say that I am intermediate to advanced, happy to have a go a pretty much anything and looking to spend much more time off the pisted runs.

Been looking at Seth Vicious, although read that the pistols were more an all mountain ski. Volkl Mantra too but I am after a proper twin-tip for a giggle in the park.

It took me several days of testing different skis to pick the B2's when I bought them and I really want to make to most of the short time I have in the states.

Any advice will be greatly received.

Thanks and have a good day

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Originally Posted by Blueskys View Post
Volkl Mantra too but I am after a proper twin-tip for a giggle in the park.
Have you looked at the Volkl Bridge? Supposed to be suitable for big mountain or park.
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I can give a big thumbs up to the Bridge as well. I skied it for all or part of five days over a three week period last spring. I found it to handle all conditions at least reasonably well. The Bridge is not really a full twin but has a short kick tail, an all mountain flex, and a pretty wide tip. I'd call the Bridge a very good all mountain ski that is cleverly disguised as a twin tip.

A good counterpoint to the Bridge is the Dynastar Big Trouble. This is a ski with a little less shape than the Bridge. The BT is closer to a full twin and although quite firm and grippy underfoot, it has a somewhat softer tail that would be more akin to most other twins.

The BT is the same width underfoot as the Bridge and the BT is maybe a little better in softer snow as the straighter shape won't deflect as readily as the big tip of the Bridge. OTH, the Bridge is a little more like a conventional ski on the groomers bcause of the short kick tail and a flex that is more closely related to a conventional all mountain ski. The grip undrfoot is similar.

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How about the armada ARV?
Has anyone spent anytime on them??
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I have skied the ARV enough to know that it's just not my cuppa......

The ARV is pretty soft and while forgiving, I personally don't want a ski that soft for all around use. I'm not an advocate of really stiff stuff either, I like skis in the "medium" range such as the two I mentioned earlier and many others.

That's just a personal choice though and you might like the ARV at Squaw if you hit the right conditions. I don't think it would be a great choice for Sunday though.

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Thank you SJ, thats of great help.....All I am after is narrowing things down to give less time testing skis and more time ripping on the right ones. That puts the ARV's out of the picture. Im after a true all mountain, do anything, go anywhere.....baring in mind I already have the B2's.
Think I have my heart set on the Seth's tbh
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Originally Posted by Blueskys View Post
How about the armada ARV?
Has anyone spent anytime on them??
Just finding another chance to disagree with Sierra Jim ...

I liked the ARV. Not my favorite ever, but I tend to prefer stiff skis, and I thought it was fun. They hand flex SUPER soft, but actually feel a good deal stiffer when you ski em. They manage to be extremely damp considering how soft they are, but still have a good amount of pop, and are pretty playful.

Overall, a bit too soft for my taste, and too short in 185 with a full twin tip, but they seem like one of those skis that like the AK rocket, just leave you shaking your head wondering how they can possibly be that easy to ski, yet still somewhat stable, and that nimble, yet still float fairly well.
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You don't say what size you are, but if you like a B2 I'm assuming you'd look for a fairly light, medium flex ski, and if it's going to be happy at Sunday River and Squaw, it'll have to do well in tight conditions and on hardpack. Of skis I've used:

The Prophet 90 is nice for an east coast fattish ski, have been told the 100 is better on most counts, and nearly as quick, although not as good in the park obviously. Surprising edge hold; must be the titanium.

Or frankly for a tight spaces/lighter skier stick that can do anything except real ice, and rocks in trees and bumps, it's hard to beat a 1080 Gun. But a bit unwieldy for the park.

Head Mojo 90's rule for an all-around that does everything well, including carving on groomed, especially nice in bumps. They're reasonably stiff but don't handle like it, if that makes sense. Not ideal on sheet ice. Check out the Skipressworld review.

And the one I haven't but would want to check out because I have owned its nearest neighbors, the Bridge. If it's halfway between a Karma and a Goat, we all should own a pair...
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You say you want a big ski that you can "get away with" on the groomed. I say go big or go home. Get something big with some metal and glass in it. Tons of options.
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"I say go big or go home"

Now that I like!
I looked at the prophets too.....looks like I just gonna have to get on a selection and see whats best for me...

Im about 185 and 0509 by the way.

And thanks for all the input guys, kind of you to help
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Just finding another chance to disagree with Sierra Jim ...
You don't disagree at all....you said about the same thing that I did......you just used more words to do so..................

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This is helping loads.

Can anyone compare the Seth Vicous with the LINE Prophet 100's who has ridden both?

Another quick question at the risk of looking like a total novice......guessing that a "mini rocker" on the seth means that the ski bends up a touch from the waist to the tail to help landing switch....can anyone confirm my guessed definition??


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